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Table of Contents

Introduction 3
How to Access Great Online Resources …6
How to Know if It’s a Credible Source ……..6
Organize Your Research Notes ……..7
Exercises for Chapter 1 – Hunting and Gathering …….8
Analyze Your Audience ……..9
Keep the Audience Interested ..9
Know the Difference Between Informative Or Persuasive Speech …….11
The Benefits of Analyzing Your Audience 11
Exercises for Chapter 2 – Analyzing Your Audience ..12
Writing Down the Bones of Your Speech ….14
The Power of the Introduction 14
Writing Down the Meat of the Speech …..15
Wow Them With the Conclusion …..18
Exercises for Chapter 3 – Writing Down the Bones of Your Speech ….18
Editing and Practicing for Timing …….20
The Cycle of Editing Your Speech ..20
What if You Get Writer’s Block? ……21
The Best Ways to Practice Your Speech .22
Exercises for Chapter 4 – Editing and Practicing for Timing ……..23
Getting Rid of the Jitters ….25
From Butterflies to Nausea – How Bad Can it Get? ..25
Tricks to Keep You Calm and Engaged With the Audience 27
Exercises for Chapter 5 – Getting Rid of the Jitters ..28

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The Public Speaking Handbook is all you’ll ever need to be able to craft and deliver speeches that will dazzle your audience and ensure you get through it calm, cool and collected.

You’ll learn some tricks of the trade on how to research information about the subject of your speech. The exercises at the end of each chapter will help you craft your speech and provide tips about how to deliver it in a masterful way.

Compiling a speech that will be both dynamic and that will connect with your audience is just as important as the speck delivery. If you hate research or don’t know how, this handbook will provide you with information to help you zero in on your subject and ‘hunt and gather’ the information your audience wants and needs.

Analyzing the group you’ll be speaking to is also addressed in the handbook. You should know your audience even before you begin to craft the speech from the information you’ve gathered. For example, does your audience know a bit about the subject you’re presenting or do you need to begin from Square One?

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