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Table of Contents

The Profit Funnel Plan
A quick overview on how a successful Online Business Profit Funnel looks like – and how you can model your Online Business after it!
Low Ticket Product Ideas
Earn your prospect’s trust quickly at LOW risks and HIGH volumes with these amazing low ticket product ideas that you can quickly and easily develop for your own!
Mid Ticket Product Ideas
Make more money from your repeat customers, establish substantial credibility and expand your product empire!
High Ticket Product Ideas
The true vehicle to massive riches as used by TOP Internet Marketers and Online Gurus from around the planet!
In Closing: What Is Your Ideal Profit Strategy?
How to put these ideas into action for maximum results!

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The dream of selling high ticket good or services is often the goal of the salesperson. After all, who would not love to be able to sell five thousand dollar items in one afternoon, rather than spend the entire week selling hundred dollar items in order to make the same commission?

Of course, you want to be on the alert for any chance to introduce and sell a high ticket item.

You have a couple of things going for you at this point in your relationship with your client.

First, there is the matter of the proven track record of the low ticket and mid ticket offerings they have already tried and found to be great for their business operations. Nothing breeds confidence in a supplier the way that an ongoing record of excellence will.

Second, you have demonstrated a continual desire to bring their attention to goods or services that have relevance to the business. You are not laying your entire product line out on the table and asking them to figure out what they need. You are someone who does the legwork first and then brings items to their attention. That you care enough to understand their business and do some legwork on their behalf says a lot about your integrity.

What his means for you is that when you call your contact about arranging a demonstration of a high ticket item, you are already more than halfway to making a sale. The attitude will not be “prove this is worth my time,” but “let’s find out how we can use this.”

When you go into a live or virtual demonstration with your client working with that type of mindset, your chances of closing the sale are very high indeed.

The Profit Tunnel helps you understand that your relationship with your client works on several levels and in several phases.

Building upon the sterling reputation you establish with low ticket sales and rolling it into the sale of more profitable sales will not only ensure you a great commission, but also will provide you with a working relationship that will last for many years.

Low Ticket Product Ideas

When you think in terms of low ticket products or services, you are talking about items that usually carry no more than a $27.00 price tag. The most common average range for a low ticket item would be in the $5.00 to $9.95 range.

There are many of online and brick and mortar businesses that consider low ticket items to be the bread and butter of the business, the way that you keep the lights on every month.

Of course, in order for those low ticket items to keep a steady flow of basic revenue, there is the need to promote your offerings and entice new clients to give them a try. Here are a few ideas that may help you promote your low ticket offerings to fresh faces.

Special Reports

Spotlighting the low ticket items that are your biggest sellers to a wide range of customer demographics is a great way to get the attention of prospects.

A special report is going to essentially focus on two things: first, this is a product or service that has is being successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people right this very minute.

Second, this product or service can make a big impact in the quality of your life and work. Once you have it, you will not understand how you ever got along without it.

These types of special report promotions are meant to spotlight all the positive attributes of your offering. You want to talk about the great performance, the low maintenance, and of course the low price.

One thing that can help dress up a special report is charts and relevant graphics. Most people are visual in the way they relate to the world, so using a simple chart to illustrate a point, or inserting some other type of visual that is related to the subject matter will help to enhance and hold the attention of the reader.

Testimonials from current clients also are a big part of a successful special report. If at all possible, vary the industry types that are represented in your testimonials.

The broader the use of your offering in various parts of the business world, the more likely a prospect is to see the need to investigate a little more closely. Special reports are relatively easy to produce and extremely cost effective to have available. The content can be used in a direct mail piece that can be reproduced cheaply.

The special report can be posted online, with a unique URL that can then be distributed far and wide by both manual and electronic means. The result is an effective promotional tool that has a very lost cost to create and has the potential to yield big returns in a very short time.

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