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With this method you are essentially creating a PDF about one of your products that is closely related to the product they just purchased.

It’s a sort of like a glorified ad for your product, but with two very important differences:

1. The tone is very conversational. This is an extremely soft sell and should be more like informational content than sales pitch.

2. Since you’re writing this “showcase” PDF to be included with a specific product, you know what they’ve already purchased. You can mention things about that product in your showcase PDF.

Example: Imagine someone buys a course from you about becoming a paid freelance writer. Your “showcase” product might be a special report titled 50 Ways to Break Writers Block, or 10 Essential Research Tips for Writers. Of course, reports aren’t the only option. You could have a software program created, or offer a service of some kind.

Think about your product. Think about what you could create that will be so complementary to your main product that others will feel they should get it too.

Please note it’s essential your showcase product is complementary to the main product, and not something missing that should have been included in the main product. If people feel the original product is incomplete without the showcase product they’ll feel cheated and will be more likely to refund than to buy more.

I’ve found naming the PDF “Product-Showcase.pdf” works better than any other name I’ve tried. It sets the right expectations and arouses curiosity. They will want to know what the product is because our brains don’t like not knowing. It wants to complete the picture.

Plus they paid for it. It’s theirs, so a strong percentage opens it.

While your customer will be curious about the showcased product, the “soft sell” approach is often an unexpected and pleasant surprise.


Because many will be expecting a strong sales pitch. When they instead get a soft, informative touch, their attitude softens to match the delivery.

Keep in mind, however, that customers may not buy right away. Their first priority is usually the product they bought.

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