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5 Free Online Poster Makers and Image Creators 4
7 Proven Headline Formulas That Get Your Online Poster Read 6
7 Tips for Great Digital Poster Ideas 8
How to Use Digital Posters to Build Your Email List 10
Making Online Posters – Choosing the Right Colors for Your Message 12
PosterMyWall Online Poster Maker Review 14
The 6 “Must Have” Parts of a Great Digital Poster 16
The Veteran Marketer’s First Step to Making Digital Posters that Get Read 19
Top Tips for Making Successful Digital Posters That Get Results 21
Why You Should Consider Canva for Making Your Online Posters 23

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7 Proven Headline Formulas That Get Your Online Poster Read

Have you ever created digital posters that didn’t do a very good job engaging your audience? Perhaps your click-through rate was very poor, or the number of views your poster generated wasn’t what you expected. Just like any other piece of con-tent used to market your business, creating an eyeball-grabbing headline is often the most important part of the process.

Why do you click on a particular link when you are searching online? When you Google a search term or phrase, what makes you choose one result over another? In many cases, a good headline is the reason you end up where you do on the In-ternet. The following 7 headline formulas have been proven to work on multiple types of media, and they can get your digital posters clicked on and read, rather than passed over.

1. Add a Number – Make sure you use the number instead of spelling it out. “The Top 7 Backyard Garden Herbs” will usually outperform “The Top Seven Back-yard Garden Herbs,” and there is something about numbers which automati-cally gives a perception of truth and reliability. Studies show that odd numbers like 5, 7, 11 and 21 frequently outperform even numbers such as 6, 8 or 12.

2. Use “How to” to Start Your Headline – People turn to the web for answers. They want to understand the right way to perform a process or get an in-tended set of results. “How to” headlines have worked in marketing messages for centuries, and they still work well on the Internet for getting your content read.

3. Mention the Main Benefit – Your digital poster should be attempting to tell one story or send one message. What is that message? What is the big benefit someone will receive when they check out your poster? State that benefit simply and quickly in your headline. You don’t want to bury the lead, so the most important information for your prospects that rewards them for reading your poster should be stated in the headline.

4. Ask a Question That Makes Your Reader Think – One of the best performing print advertisements of all time began with a headline which asked the simple question, “Do you make these mistakes in English?” Asking a provocative ques-tion in your headline is a great way to grab attention and get people thinking.

5. Give a Command – Tell someone what to do in your headline. People like to be given direction online. A direct statement could be as simple as, “Turn Your Blog into a Cash Machine.” This leads to the creation of a simple and direct call to action, and your potential reader knows exactly what your digital poster is going to deliver.

6. Use a Testimonial – Make sure to put the testimonial in quotes and make it short. Here’s a good example. “This online poster creation software is fast, easy to use and free. I love it!” For someone searching the web for that partic-ular type of software, that is a headline which can’t be passed up.

7. Offer an Incentive – A headline that offers a 50% discount or a free report or product is going to get a lot of clicks. Just make sure you follow up by providing the relevant content and call to action.

7 Tips for Great Digital Poster Ideas

Digital posters are everywhere these days. A condensed version of an infographic, an online poster gets your message across quickly. Posters are perfect for social media marketing campaigns, and you can even print out your posters and use them in your off-line, real-world marketing efforts. When your poster has a strong headline, great copy and content, good visuals and an irresistible call to action, you can accomplish just about any business goal.

The problem a lot of online marketers have is that they don’t know how to come up with ideas for poster creation. What should they put on a digital poster? What should they avoid? Can they condense existing content or should they create an entirely new topic or focal point? If you are having problems coming up with ideas for your next online poster, the following 7 tips are here to bail you out.

1. Repurpose Your Best Blogs – Find out which of your blog posts are the most popular with your audience. Condense that information into bullet points and sub-headers that can make up your online poster content. This guarantees you already have a built-in audience that can’t wait to check out your poster.

2. Turn to Industry Trends – Google Trends is a free tool offered by Big G that keeps you up to date and current on the hottest trends in your industry. Topi-cal digital posters that deal with themes which are hot right now often enjoy very high click-through rates.

3. Keep up with the Kardashians – If you are cringing after reading that intro, you are probably in the majority. The idea here is to keep an eye on current pop-culture news as it relates to sports, fashion, entertainment, and music. Then find a way to relate the topic to your business.

4. Spy on Your Competitors – Who is the premier player in your industry? What kind of things is that company talking about? You should be reading the blogs of your major competitors to know exactly what your competition is doing. Fa-mous war general Sun Tsu said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Joining the email lists of your competitors is a simple way to know what those companies think is important to talk about.

5. Go with the Seasonal Flow – One of the easiest ways to come up with an idea for your digital poster is to consider the season. Is beach season right around the corner? Has spring just sprung? Is the new year rolling around once again? When all else fails, you can often find some seasonal influence you can tie into a marketing campaign, and also implement into your poster design.

6. Take a Survey – Why not use your poster to ask your audience what it is look-ing for? The digital poster format works perfectly for asking a series of ques-tions, and you benefit from the fact that people love giving their opinions.

7. Announce a Contest or Giveaway – There is a good chance you have some type of content that you can give away. Perhaps you have designed an online course that people rave about. Consider giving that course away as an incen-tive for people following the call to action on your poster. You can alternately host a contest that rewards your prospects with substantial prizes.

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