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Step 1: Find a niche that has several PLR products already in it.
Step 2: Take a few of the products and turn them into something you can give away.
Step 3: Create a squeeze page that makes people want to optin for your free offer.
Step 4: Use one of the PLR products to create a special offer. This needs to be priced at $9.95
Step 5: Re-do at least two PLR products (New graphics and a new name are a must.) and set them up for sale.
Step 6: Create one welcome email that gives the subscriber their free offer, and once again directs them to your special offer.
Step 7: Create at least 3 like, know, and trust emails. These need to share something about you, give them something for free, etc. You’ve got to get them to know, like, and trust you or they will never buy from you.
Step 8: Create 3 emails for each product that you have setup. Two of them need to educate about a topic the product covers and then directs them to the link to buy the product to learn more. One needs to be a direct sales email.
Step 9: Drive Traffic

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