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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Pinterest Basic Use Tips

Chapter 3: Link Up With Trusted Bloggers

Chapter 4: Don’t Be Pushy, Be Unique

Chapter 5: Provide Helpful Info

Chapter 6: Get Creative

Chapter 7: Make Your Product Users The Star

Chapter 8: Choosing The Right Pictures

Chapter 9: Update Frequently

Wrapping Up

Watch Your Etiquette

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Chapter 6:

Get Creative


There is no denying that Pinterest is becoming one of the hottest social networking sites today. Aside from pinners that use the site to merely look for inspirations, more and more entrepreneurs are seeing the advantages of creating an account on Pinterest as well.

Another interesting fact is that 80% of Pinterest users are women and they have attracted women clientele through the help of the website’s premise on creating and sharing visual pin boards. With the majority of women engaging in online shopping, it becomes a well-known fact that Pinterest is a relevant tool in drawing in more business clients. And this truth is what makes women entrepreneurs maximize what the site has to offer.

Women entrepreneurs have found out that the biggest draw on what makes Pinterest attractive is its capacity to let pinners get creative in developing their pin boards, whether it is about products that are sold online or services that they offer in the real world. If you want to monetize your images and gain potential clients to your business, read on and see how the power of creativity can help you achieve these goals.

Pinterest Provides Inspirations

There is something inspiring in seeing images and videos, knowing that they can work for you, too. This is exactly how event management companies make use of Pinterest. They organize boards which will help them translate their ideas into images.

Brides and other clients can take a look at their sample color schemes, wedding gowns, or events set-up. Some event management entrepreneurs even encourage their clients to create their own Pinterest accounts so they can pin images on their boards.

Aside from getting inspired, it is also a fun and easy way to collate images that the clients want without having to bring a bulky binder during their meetings. In addition, it makes it more convenient for both sides to share pin boards, especially if the client is from another location and cant meet-up physically. Aside from posting content directly from the business site, women entrepreneurs found out that they can actually post images which are indirectly related to their products and still get repins and recognition for it.

Run A Contest Through Pinterest

Nothing gets the interest of Internet users than a dose of healthy competition. You can run a contest which may be related to the product or service that you are offering in your company. Running a contest, in general, is a good marketing strategy and you can definitely incorporate this in your Pinterest.

You can ask pinners to create pin boards which they think are relevant to the theme that you have. You can then hold a contest where the pin board with the most number of pins and repins wins prizes. You can also use Pinterest as a way to advertise any upcoming onsite event that you are currently organizing. Whatever your strategy is, the visual imagery can draw in people to participate in your event. In addition, you can acquire more followers after holding such contests.

Use Pinterest To Introduce Your New Products Or Events

Since Pinterest relies heavily on images and videos, why not use it as a way to provide teasers for other pinners to see? Some television networks have already used this strategy where they pin photos of their news anchors doing funny acts backstage.

For your business, you can pin images of small details of what your new product will be without exactly giving it away. You can also give a sneak peak of an event that you are working on. The images that you will show can rouse the interest of pinners enough for them to excitedly wait for what you have in store for them.

Chapter 7:

Make Your Product Users The Star


As with any kind of business, it is important that you make your clients feel that they are your priority. This is applicable not only in providing excellent customer service but also when you are marketing your products and services. When it comes to internet business marketing, you also have to make your product users the star of your promotional campaigns.

With the advertising strategies that you have in mind, it can be quite overwhelming as you try to promote one product after another. But this shouldn’t be the case. Especially when it comes to using social media marketing where you have the opportunity to interact with your clients and potential customers, it can be quite beneficial for your business if your customers feel that you have their interests as your top priority. So how can you integrate this aspect with social media sites such as Pinterest?

Know What Captivates Them The Most

People are visual creatures and thus, it is actually easy for you to determine the kind of things that your target market is mostly interested in. This is highly relevant when it comes to creating pin boards on Pinterest. Prior to posting images that you think will say a lot about your company, make sure that you are also aware of what they are actually interested in.

For example, the company Sony studied what their customers would most likely pin in relation to the company. They found out diverse interests ranging from Sony advertisements, logos, videos, and images of their products which were not exactly from Sony but are heavily related to the company.

This research led to months of creating pin boards which the company feels are visually appealing to their clientele. Most of their content at this time were repins of what other pinners had already shared on their boards.

Diversify Content

Although images can be visually appealing, they can also lead to loss of interest, especially if you see the same things over and over again. In addition, you wouldn’t want your clientele to feel that they are constantly bombarded with marketing images, making them think that you’ve created your Pinterest solely because you want to sell products.

Make your pin boards interesting by mixing promotional images with fun multimedia. You can even create boards which encourage interaction among your clientele. For example, Sony developed a board known as “Rooms We’d Love to Live In,” which features Sony products as well as interesting mixes of interior designs. This appealed to those who are into visually-appealing rooms but feel that they are not techie enough to be involved in Sony-related conversations.

Another interesting thing that you can do is to develop original images with concepts that are related to your brand. Have a shoot with artists who can make use of your products, company logo or other things that can be related to your business and offer pinners images that they won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Make Things Easier And Accessible For Your Clients

Integrate your Pinterest profile with your other social media accounts. Make your website Pinterest-friendly so that visitors can easily pin content from your website directly to their pin boards by using a Pin-It plugin. See to it that your pin boards are also linked back to your business website. Promote your website as well with your Pinterest profile in other channels.

At the end of the day, you will realize that the way to make your product users the star would be to consider their interests and make it apparent to them. However, you will also find that they will continue to patronize your company because they actually want your products and services. But the best way for them to get at that point would be to entice them first.

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