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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Huge Demand for Digital Stock Photos
Chapter 2
What Kind of Skills Do You Need?
Chapter 3
The Digital Stock Photo Economy
Chapter 4
Finding the Right Niches
Chapter 5
How to Get Legal Rights to the Pictures You Shoot
Chapter 6
Select your niche and start compiling a portfolio
Chapter 7
Major Photo Stock Sale Sites
Chapter 8
Best Practices

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If you bought a digital camera, you might be thinking that this piece of equipment is just going to help you with your hobby. You might think that with the right kind of equipment, you will take better pictures, even professional-quality pictures so that you can share it on Facebook. While this is all well and good, you could actually make a lot of money of your photography hobby. Thanks to the Internet, there are a lot of online resources where you can sell your digital photos.

Make no mistake about it, all sorts of businesses require stock photo. We’re not just talking about bloggers and online publishers. While the demand from those types of customers is almost unlimited, there is also a huge demand for stock photographs from traditional businesses. Thanks to modern logo design and modern brochure design, people are always looking for stock photo that is highly relevant to their specific market. As more and more people use the Internet to buy stock photography, more of these customers are developing a higher level of expectation. A key aspect of this heightened expectation is a higher need for directly relevant stock photography. Since many traditional sources of stock photography tend to limit themselves within certain themes, this opens up the market to part-time or even full time home-based digital photographers to fill the demand. Make no mistake about it, when it comes to the demand for digital photography, the only limit really is your imagination.

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