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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Loving Yourself Basics
Chapter 2:
Treating others with Love and Respect
Chapter 3:
Being Grateful
Chapter 4:
Expressing Yourself
Chapter 5:
Get out of the Past
Chapter 6:
Forgiveness for yourself and others
Chapter 7:
Being Positive
Chapter 8:
Affirming Yourself
Chapter 9:
Get Rid of Past Thinking
Chapter 10:
Benefits of Power Thinking

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Chapter 2:

Treating others with Love and Respect


According to great saying, “respect yourself will guide your morals and treating others with love and respect will guide your manners”. It is true that relationship with thy self is considered as one of the salient relationships that you need to have.

If you love and respect yourself, you will not find a hard time and difficulty to treat others with love and respect too. In order for you to protect your personal power, you need to love yourself, as well as, it is also important that you also know how to treat others with love and respect that they ought to receive.

The following are some of the useful suggestions that you should ponder on to make sure that you will obtain the personal power perfection and the significance of treating others with love and respect.

Useful Suggestions in Treating others with Love and Respect

In order for you to easily treat other with love and respect that they deserve to receive, you are recommended to follow these useful suggestions that are stated below. To enable yourself to treat others with love and respect, the most important thing that you need to ponder on is treat yourself in a better way. Learn more about some of the suggestions that are proven effective and work well for you to easily attain the love and respect that you also deserve to have.

Catch Yourself

It is not advisable to catch yourself with negative thoughts especially when bad things happen. It is much important to bear in mind that you did your best in fulfilling a certain challenge in life. You don’t need to pressure or blame yourself for unexpected incidents that might come. You need to remember that it is part of life and nothing is impossible if you associate it with passion, perseverance and dedication.

Forgive Yourself

As a human being, it is very normal to commit mistakes since you are not perfect. The best thing that you need to do is to accept if you are wrong and learn from your mistakes. Don’t allow that your mistakes to become your internal hatred as much as possible and forget all regrets you have in the past. If you do this, you can be sure that you can easily treat others with love and respect that they deserve.

Accept Yourself

Before you can treat other with love and respect, you need to accept yourself in a form of recognizing your inner beauty as well as the way who you are. Your life will not be completely happy if you don’t accept yourself and appreciate your existence in the world. Life has a purpose; all you have to do is to determine the purpose of your life in order for you to protect your personal power effectively.

The useful suggestions on how to treat others with love and respect as well as the valuable factors to foresee the essence of life that are mentioned above will greatly help you to completely attain your personal power perfection and to protect your personal power by simply loving yourself unconditionally.

Chapter 3:

Being Grateful


Being grateful is one of the great factors that you should ponder on in obtaining your personal power perfection. There are individuals who already forget to give gratitude for all the things that they obtain in their entire life.

Being grateful must be highly considered in the field of personal power perfection. When it comes to loving category, you also need to be thankful for those persons who love you all through these years since without them; you will not have a solid understanding on how to extend your gratitude to other people.

The following are some of the potential benefits that gratitude can offer:

Potential Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude will also offer you with valuable benefits that you can make use in your entire life. It is not enough to say the word “thank you” for someone who did something good to you. It is more important that you show them how you really appreciate the things that they have done for you. However, gratitude will also provide you with unique benefits that you will surely love.

Better Moods and Less Stress

According to a research, most of the grateful people are happier than those people who are not. It is also true that grateful thinking has the ability to improve the mood of a certain person. Gratitude reduces depression and anxiety. In order for you to enhance your better moods and eliminate those unwanted stress, you can also engage with gratitude exercises that are associated with clinical psychology.

More Gain, Less Pain

Being grateful will also help you obtain a wide variety of health benefits that include a strong immune system, lower the level of your blood pressure and reduce the possible risks of disease symptoms.

Better sleep

A better sleep is one of the things that you need to be thankful since not everyone experience complete hours of sleep. In order for you to attain the personal power perfection, you need to be grateful even for those simple things that come into your life.

Stronger Relationships

Expressing gratefulness to your close friend or partner has the ability to enhance your communal strength. Gratitude has a unique predictive power especially when it comes to relationship promotion. When your partner is extending his or her patience just to understand your attitude, you need to appreciate it. Gratitude will also help you foresee the actual situation and it has the ability to lessen the panic and open up your thinking to come up with great solutions.

In order to protect your personal power, being grateful to every single thing that comes into your life is really important. The potential benefits of gratitude that are stated above can greatly help you in appreciating the real and revealing aspects of personal power perfection.

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