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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Take Stock

Chapter 2: Get Targeted

Chapter 3: Optimism And Motivation

Chapter 4: Concentrating And Planning

Chapter 5: Push-ups And Responsibility

Chapter 6: Be Clear And Make A List

Chapter 7: Mental Attitude

Chapter 8: Focus

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 4:

Concentrating And Planning


Center all your energy and intensity level, without distraction, on the successful completion of your present project. Finish what you begin.

This is among my absolute favorite self-management/time-management huge ideas.

Once you’ve thought through your task and decided on your most valuable task, you have to discipline yourself to begin it at once and stay with it till it is finished.

When you center single-mindedly on one task, without diversion or distraction, you get it accomplished far faster than if you begin and stop and then come back to the work and pick it up once again. You may reduce the amount of time you spend on a major job by as much as eighty percent merely by refusing to do anything else till that task is complete.


On a greater level, this prompts me of a conversation I had with my mentor from my 1st business. Quick circumstance: I raised $3 million as a 24/25 year-old chief executive officer of a Net business during the late 80’s. We were on a roll and employed the chief operating officer of a well-known company to replace me as our CEO so we could raise another $10+ million and go public. Then the market broke up and we had forty-five employees and a big burn and dwindling revenue.

I vividly recall our new CEO, telling me: “It’s not how you begin something; it’s how you complete it that matters”. That became my guiding rule as we navigated a few hard times and eventually sold the business to one of our 2 competitors who had raised 10x the capital.

So, let’s remember: “center all your energy and intensity level, without distraction, on the successful culmination of your present project. Finish what you begin.”

Many individuals spend more time planning a party, studying the paper, or making a Christmastime list, than they do in planning their lives. So simple and so real. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about making my life story a’ party.

Isn’t it comical how much time we spend planning a holiday or a party or a wedding and how little we commonly spend planning our ideal lives-from our ideal career to our ideal daily life-style to our ideal relationships?

So, let’s address that today. Take a minute to appreciate how fantastic your life is today and how much you’ve developed over the last decade and all the stuff that is going right. When you’re feeling that and grinning at all the goodness already in your life, let’s research your ideal.

You’ve a magic wand. Wave it. Now envisage your ideal day.
What are you doing? What time do you get up? What do you do for fun and for work? How are you giving yourself totally to the world? With whom do you spend your time? Where are you? How do you feel?

Map it out! Take the time right now to begin getting more and more lucidity on what you’d like to see in your life story.

I’ve done this sort of exercise dozens of times over the last 10 years and now I’m blessed to pretty much be living the present version of my ideal: I’m on an island where I’m getting paid to hit the books, embody and share unbelievable wisdom as I produce products and inspire individuals from around the world.

I teach a class twice a week, rise with the sun each day , then meditate for an hour, do a little movement then journaling then originative work with a massage thrown in , while savoring yummy organic food and coconut water and excellent conversations with my mate.

It’s funny to even publish that. I share it not to be a jerk and show off but merely as a demonstration of what’s possible. It’s virtually surreal for me to see that we really may create our ideal-it’s not always “simple” to get from one place to another but we may do it. Naturally, the first question we need to ask is: “What do I wish?”

So… If you would like to try out seeing just how incredible you are able to make your life story, I highly recommend you make journaling about your ideal a daily practice and not something you do on New Year’s and then blank out about a week later.

And, right now certainly seems like a wonderful time to do some visualizing.

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