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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Personal Budgeting Basics

Chapter 2: Finance Plans That Allocates For Future Personal Income

Chapter 3: How To Follow A Budget Plan

Chapter 4: Enjoying Life Without Busting The Bank

Chapter 5: Tips On Putting Together A Complete Household Budget

Chapter 6: Simple Tricks And Tips For Sticking To A Budget

Chapter 7: Simple Tricks And Tips For Sticking To A Budget

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Finance Plans That Allocates For Future Personal Income


Planning for the future, entails being knowledgeable in financial areas, which can create security and profits for future enjoyment. This will enable the individual to enjoy some level of comfort in the future without having to pursue additional income earning avenues.

The Future

The following are some steps that can be considered in pursuit of time goal:

Educating one’s self on the various different personal investment schemes would be one way of going about securing the future of an individual’s personal income.

There are many types of investments that can earn the individual a comfortable amount of profits that can be used as a source of income in the future.

Personal savings plans can also contribute to future income possibilities. However if this plan is not enforced in a committed fashion where access to the funds put away are either limited or nonexistent, then this style of savings will not benefit or be suitable as a future income source.

This is due to the fact that the accessibility will encourage the individual to make withdrawals frequently based on excuse possible.

Having a diversified portfolio of financial investments will also ensure the risk levels are kept to a minimum and that future income projected can be enjoyed.

Choosing long term investment tools are better, as they popularly provide better earning possibilities as compared to short term investment. These may include government bonds, insurance policies, bonds from reputable agencies and establishments.

Being able to accurately access financial investments against the primary risk tolerance of an individual is also something that should be given due consideration.

There is little point in starting an investment portfolio if the ability of service such investments are either nonexistent or unreliable.

All the above suggestions should also be calculated with the relevant tax incurring ratios that should ideally still make the investment worth venturing into.

Chapter 3: How To Follow A Budget Plan


Following a budget plan is not impossible to do if the right tools and mindset is in place. There are a few true and tried methods that can help an individual design and successfully stick to the budget plan.


The following are some recommendations as to how this can be achieved:

The first and most important act to exercise is the recording of all income and expense for the month. This should be diligently done over a period of at least three months consecutively.

Once these detailed itemized incoming and outgoing points are clearly recorded, then follow up measures can be incorporated into the budget plan to start the process that ensures the individual is well equipped to handle and stick to the plan drawn up.

There are several tools available that can help the individual in this style of tracking.

The next step would be to record only the income and very necessary expenses such as commitments towards loans, insurances, education payments and any others.

Ideally these should be calculated as a yearly expense and then divided to fit into the monthly expenditure plan. This will help the individual have a complete overview of his or her yearly commitments thus providing the means to make such payment in a more disciplined and affordable way.

At the end of the above exercises, it is hoped that the income is greater than the committed expenses. If this is found to be so, then the individual can enjoy the leeway of adding on other expenses that are not deemed necessary or vital to the healthy existence of the individual financial position.

These may include little indulgences such as an occasional expensive meal or personal treat. This will encourage the individual to stick to the budget planned as the possibility of ever being in debt is kept at bay.

Chapter 4: Spreadsheet Budgeting With Date Shifting


Any budget is only as effective as the real time notations that are updated periodically. Having the correct assisting tools will help to make the process of spreadsheet budgeting and date shifting effective.


All spending both immediate and future is usually noted on the spreadsheet but this is not always fixed as adjustments are made accordingly as they unfold. The following are some of the tools and methods used to keep the spreadsheet updated:

Perhaps the most basic tools are the simple jotting down of information on paper to be entered into the spreadsheet when the periodic updating exercise is done.

There are also a lot of money management websites that can help to specifically assist in the money management program. These programs keep track of the all the accounts information which may include saving and other money generating accounts, and then make the necessary adjustments to display useful information for future budgeting.

With the help of the spreadsheet budgeting style, the individual is able to clearly note all payments and commitments at a glance. This is very helpful when trying to decide on the importance tagged to the payments.

If there are credit cards outstanding amounts the spreadsheet will help to highlight the cards that most need attention and if funds permit more money can be focused on paying the debts that have the highest interest rates.

The date shifting done on the information furnished by the spreadsheet will help create a better avenue of clearing the commitments that are either prioritized or cost more in terms of interest accrued. In some way the clarity of the figures shown in this way will create the urgency for the individual to focus on making the relevant payments in its priority form.

It will also give the individual a clear overview of his or her financial status both in the present and in the future if the necessary information is well documented and allocated.

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