Frugal Living PLR Autoresponder Email Series

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* 52 Weeks Pre-written Newsletters
This isn’t just ANY private label content. These newsletters are written to effectively promote best-selling affiliate products for an entire year. All the work is done for you.

* List of Top Affiliate Programs
Comes with high-paying, high conversion affiliate programs from Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, and others – just sign up! Once you’ve got your affliiate links, you put them into the content and bam – your newsletters are branded and ready to make you money!

* Opt-In Template For Each Niche
Pop in YOUR autoresponder information, and you’re ready to upload this page to any domain and start collecting leads!

Opt-In Template Preview:

Frugal Living PLR Autoresponder Email Series

Autoresponder Message Titles:

– Managing School Expenses
– Credit Card Glossary For Married Couples
– Four Easy Ways To Save On Food
– Credit Card Glossary For Beginners
– Easy Ways To Cut Costs
– Selecting Cosmetics: Reducing The Cost Of The Trial An Error Process
– Food Money Saving Tips
– Saving For Emergency Funds
– The Final Word On Frugal Living
– Credit Card Glossary For Those In Debt
– Patience For Frugal Living
– Budgeting Resources
– The Ways Of Saving
– Credit Card Glossary For New Home Owners
– Two Simple Steps To Creating A Reliable Budget
– Car Costs Reduced
– Do’s And Don’ts Of Frugal Living
– Budgeting To Save Money
– Saving Money On Utilities
– Cutting Habits To Cut Costs
– Flea Markets Save The Day
– Money Saving Tips For Our Garden To Yours
– Be Practical And Save!
– More Ways To Save, Save, Save
– Eliminating Unnecessary Expenses
– More Ways To Save Big Bucks
– Tips For Saving Money On Electrical Bills
– Cut The Cost Of Food
– Sampling To Save Money
– 11 Reasons To Save Your Money
– The Effectiveness Of Coupons Explained
– Reduce Your Bills And Save More!
– Credit Card Glossary For Students
– Buying Online To Save Big
– 10 Money Saving Tips
– Student Do’s And Don’ts To Saving Money
– Save On Medications, Doctors, And General Health
– General Tips To Reduce You Expenses
– Ways To Reduce Moving Costs
– Optimize Your Banking Experience
– Trash Or Treasure: Multi-Use Household Wonders
– Teach Your Kids To Save Money
– Holiday Savings
– Software To Help Manage Your Budget
– Three Ways To Dominate The Art Of Budgeting
– Seize The Day With A Part-Time Job
– The Self-Discipline Of Frugal Living
– Stop Wasting Money On Gas
– How To Save Money On Credit Cards
– Budgeting And Saving In College
– The Basics Of Saving Money
– Designer Clothes Without The Designer Tag

Sample Affiliate Program Preview:


“The inexpensive BudgetMap system solves the most common problems related to household budgeting.” The BudgetMap affiliate program pays a commission equal to 25% of the sales price excluding shipping/handling and sales tax.

Strativa – Financial Software

Financial software including a budget forecaster for Excel; Expense Tracker for Windows and Excel. Commission structure based on sales – pays 25% to start, refer 10 or more sales in a given month and commission goes up to 30% for that month. Two-Tier program pays an additional 10 percent on sub-affiliate sales.


Switchwise’s focus is on saving money on Gas & Electricity, Loans, Phone, etc. Smaller web sites can sign up through Commission

Junction – “For larger websites, we offer a bespoke affiliate program including the development of white label versions of our switching engine.”

Blue Ridge Publishing

How To Organize And Get The Most Out Of Grocery Coupons. Earn $5.48 per sale.

American Debt Resources

Credit Counseling Service – “Our programs offer individuals who are over extended or past due with their bills the relief their searching for. We don’t resell you leads like others. Prospective applicants fill out a short form at our website.” Pays $12.50 per lead.

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