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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Prepare for Your First Date
Chapter 2:
Things to do
Chapter 3:
What to wear
Chapter 4:
Where to Go
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
First Impression
Chapter 7:
After Your First Date
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Things to do


In the first date scenario, the individual has to do virtually everything right, if there are intentions to secure a second date with the other party. This is very important as first impressions are often the deciding factor that will dictate the tone of the encounter and the second date possibility.

The following are some points to consider for things to do on the first date:

What To Do

The most basic yet often awkward element within the date layout is the payment for the entire experience. Making the other party split the bill is an accepted practice, but not one that is appreciated, especially if the individual intents to portray a successful and capable position. Therefore taking the trouble to gently and without any inflated ego issues it should be established that the bill will covered and the other party’s contributions would be to simply have a good time.

Picking the correct location would also be something to be considered, as the ideal setting would be required based on the general direction the date is designed to take. Finding a location that is suitable and convenient for both parties will set the tone for the entire date. Unless money is not an issue, picking a venue that would not cause the individual to be mindful of the bill at the end of the date would be advised, as this can put a real damper on the encounter.

Respecting the other party enough to ensure being on time is not an issue would also be something else to consider. If the other party is kept waiting is can be potentially very embarrassing and stressful. Therefore planning the route, time, transportation and other connective elements should be done way before the actual day of the date. This will be a good way to show respect to the other party and display the personal standards of the individual.

Chapter 3: What to wear


Impressions made on a first date, are very telling of both parties and the possible outcome of the date. Therefore it would be in the best interest of both parties, to come well prepared both mentally and physically. Presenting their A game would show that effort is being put into this encounter.

The following are some tips on what would be considered suitable attire for the first date:

Have A Look

Perhaps the first thing to consider would be the issue of being comfortable. Mentally the date is already going to preoccupy the mind before and during the actual date, therefore having to be distracted with the attire for the date would not help put the individual at ease. Wearing something comfortable yet complimenting should be the base of the idea behind the ensemble put together. Other considerations would include the weather and venue for the date. These also factor strongly in the choice of attire. There is nothing worse than being either over dressed or under dressed.

Finding out a little about the plans for the date would also help in deciding what to wear and this should be made clear to both parties if possible, so that unwanted awkwardness will not be encountered with the wrong choice of attire. If the date is not going to follow the conventional meal and drinks, then the attire chosen for the date will have to be carefully considered, this is especially so, if outdoor activities are planned as part of the date. Suitable foot ware is something that is often overlooked and yet can cause the most problems. Therefore attention to this is equally important as the other parts of the ensemble.

Deciding between sexy and sedate can also be quite a challenge. The individual would have to decide this based on the desired intentions for the date. The intentions and end goals will dictate the choice between sexy and sedately comfortable attire.

Chapter 4: Where to Go


This can be a fun activity or a stressful one, as choosing a suitable venue is something that needs careful consideration from many different angles. Giving it some careful consideration and planning will contribute positively to the overall enjoyable experience.

The following are some ideas on what to do and where to go for the first date endeavor:


The actual venue would very much depend on the personalities of both parties going on the date. If both parties are fun loving and the adventurous types, then something outdoors would be welcomed and even considered more comfortable and enjoyable.

Incorporating come light activities may also have some level of appeal to both parties, but this would have to be agreed upon, before the actual date, as there are often other connecting factors that would need to be considered.

Picking somewhere neutral such as a café or coffee bar would be advised, as this would be casual and pleasant setting that would give both parties a chance to relax and get to know each other. It would also not have the presence of alcohol that might cause over indulgence, if there were nervous to be calmed.

Keeping the time frame for the first date short would also be advisable as a longer period may cause the element of tiredness and boredom to set in. Ideally the time frame should be dictated to by the general flow of the date, and if it happens to run longer than anticipated, there should not be any cause for concern if both parties are having a good time.

Finding interesting venues that are appealing to both parties is important. Another fact to consider would be the distance and convenience of these venues. This is especially important is both parties have arranged to meet at the venue. Some ideal and popular venues may include museums, bowling arenas, golfing, the zoo, planetarium, and many more.

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