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Table of Contents

Introduction Page 3
Case Study: The Penny Per Click Campaigns Page 3
Another Niche Example Page 8
So What’s This Traffic Source? Page 10
The Main Idea For You to Make Money Page 20
To Build a List or Not? Page 21
BONUS: The Landing Page Page 23
Closing Words Page 26
Frequently Ask Questions Page 27

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Quick Introduction!

Thank you for buying my 1st WSO guide! My name is Leon Tran. I’ve been doing internet marketing for a very very long time. I’ve tried marketing just about every niche and have tried just about every traffic generation methods out there to make affiliate money online. One of my favorite ways to drive cheap & quality traffic is by using Pay Per Click traffic. In this guide I will show you how I am able to get LESS THAN 1 penny a click and even get email leads as low as 1 penny per subscriber.

Case Study: The Penny Per Click Campaigns

This is a diabetes campaign I’ve been promoting. The diabetes market is a huge multi-billion dollar market. Diabetes affects 25 million people in the USA or about 8.3% of the US population. So you would think the competition is fierce. Again, you can use this method and generate traffic for ANY NICHE, but for this example I’m going to show you my diabetes campaign.

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