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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Transform Your Life, Now! 4
Chapter 2: Motivation: How To Find And Keep It . 7
Chapter 3: Stop Procrastinating Now! . 10
Chapter 4: Increase Self-Confidence And Banish Self-Doubt . 13
Chapter 5: The Power Of Being Positive 15
Focus On The Positive 15
Be With Positive People . 16
Surround Yourself With Anything Positive . 16
Exercise Regularly 16
How To Avoid Being Negative Thinkers . 17
Chapter 6: Attract The Positive People Into Your Life . 19
Identifying Positive People 19
How To Boost Your Positive Signals 20
Chapter 7: Keep Track Of Your Achievements .. 22
Chapter 8: Making It Real With Visualizations . 24
How To Achieve Your Goals Through Visualization . 25
Chapter 9: To Sum It All Up: Motivation And Achieving Ultimate Success 27

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Chapter 1: Transform Your Life, Now!

If you look at achievers and those who failed to “get there,” you would see the former with a unique mindset – one that is molded out of confidence and optimism. This is what sets them apart from the rest as they have a positive outlook in life and a unique path set out for them as they take on life’s journey.

But to start changing your life, you need to set your goals first. What would you like to become? What specific aspect in life should you address in order to make that dramatic transformation for the better?

For one, make sure to stay focused on your goals. That way, you can confidently make decisions that will change the direction of your life. Clear out any confusion. The idea of change can be quite scary that the thought of getting through a month, a week, or a day might prove to be a challenge. However, you can take it one step at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.

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