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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 … 4
Introduction to Shopify and Passive Recurring Income … 4
What is Passive Recurring Income? 5
Chapter 2 .. 6
How to Make Recurring Income with Shopify .. 6
What is Shopify? . 6
Getting Started 6
Adding Apps 7
Chapter 3 .. 9
Apps to Use to Collect Recurring Payments … 9
Chapter 4 10
Types of Products To Sell on Subscriptions for Recurring Income 10
Subscription Sites … 10
Newsletters and Ezines . 11
Courses 11
Web Apps 11
Physical Products 12
Chapter 5. 12
How to Promote Your Shopify Subscription Site – Tips and Tricks to Get More Paying Members .. 12
Internet Marketing for Ecommerce 12
How to Get More Subscribers 13
Chapter 6 13
Other Tools for Shopify 13
Chapter 7 . 14
Other Ways to Provide Subscriptions with Physical and Digital Products . 14
Chapter 9 16

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Chapter 1

Introduction to Shopify and Passive Recurring Income

Making a living as a blogger is a dream shared by many – and it’s easy to see why it has such appeal. As a full time blogger, you can make a full time living writing about any subject in the word, which will normally mean you’re writing about something you love and find fascinating.

At the same time, blogging means you can potentially earn a living from anywhere in the world. You could be earning money while sitting on a sunny beach, or while travelling the globe!

Then there’s the fact that bloggers get to enjoy a semblance of fame. In their niche/industry, bloggers will be well recognized and will have fans and followers who hang off of their every word – that’s a great feeling.

Let’s not forget that blogging can make you a nice amount of money!

So you’re earning a lot of money, you’re not having to worry about a boss and you’re doing all that from wherever you want in the world. You’re writing a subject you love and you’ll have a roster of fans around the globe who hang off of your every word.

So is this the perfect business model?

Not quite. Unfortunately, monetizing a traditional website or blog can be tricky. After all, you’re giving away the main bulk of everything you create completely for free! The whole idea of a blog is that you’re adding content where anyone can find it and so why would anyone need to pay you?

This means you then need to either sell a product from your site and use your content to promote that product, or you need to use advertising and rely on lots of people visiting your site and clicking your ads.
Can this work? Sure! There are plenty of people on the web who make millions from these kinds of business models.

But unfortunately, it’s also a lot of work and very unstable.

Getting your number of unique daily hits to the point where you can make a solid income from a regular website or blog is going to be tough for starters. This will take a considerable amount of SEO, social media marketing and most important of all – luck.

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