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Table of Contents

Introduction …………. 4
Website Setup & Guidelines …. 8
Niche Selection …….. 8
Content . 10
Aesthetics …………… 15
Tracking, Capturing & Monetization ……. 16
Outbrain 21
Profit & Scale ……… 23
Campaign Tracking & Optimizing ………… 24
Final Note …………… 35

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Making A Killing: Sponsored Content Or Bust


We’re going to jump into this course feet first. There’s a lot to cover and I don’t want this course to be 100 pages long so I’m not going to go over what I would call ”basics” such as how to setup a blog or install a WordPress theme. If you need help with that type of stuff, there are countless videos and tutorials on the web.

You’ve seen it all over the web. Buzzfeed is doing it. CNN does it. ESPN does it. Sponsored content is KILLING it. The days of solely monetizing through AdSense are over. Here’s what it looks like:


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