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1. Jerry Peterson, The One And Only Creator Of The Official U.S. Navy SEAL Combat System, Shows You How To Defeat Any Fighting Technique On Earth! Compare This ‘Scientific System With Other ‘Wanna-Be’ Programs And You’ll Instantly See Why It’s Required SEAL Training!

2. Secrets of Invisible Kicks! How To Easily Drop Expert Fighters, with Treacherous Kicks They Don’t See!

3. Carjacked… Beaten… Assaulted… WORSE! She’s your girlfriend. Your wife. Your daughter. Your sister, your mother, or your best friend. She’s a woman in danger… And Her Safely Is YOUR Responsibility As A Man! How do you explain to her you just never had the time to learn how to fight?

4. Do not let this happen to YOU!!! You mustn’t get caught – “Naked, Stripped Of All That I Had! Totally Vulnerable Everything Was Hanging Out” I had over 300 street-fights in 20 years. After seeing 15 minutes of his Lethal System I realized how stupid I was in the past and how close I am to death. I felt naked!

5. Vicious Russian “Top Secret” Spec Op Military Fighting System Finally Revealed By Defiant “Underdog” U.S Businessman!

6. Secret New Fighting System Will Make Even A Black Belt Karate Expert Putty In Your Hands! And the amazing thing is, you can learn it in one day!

7. Can You Hit a Man 13 Times in Once Second, Or… “Are You a Karate Dinosaur?”… Have you been left behind? Is your instructor a mouth piece of all those dinosaurs who don’t believe in “Invisible” Strikes, 13 or more hits in one second, and teaches that “Real” Poison Hands are an impossibility?

8. If You BLOCK In A Fight… You’re Training In The “Ultimate Lie,” Find Out How Over 30,000 Fighters Found The “Ultimate Truth”!!!

9. Take All Your Complicated Oriental Martial Arts Systems And Throw Them Out The Window… They’re All Hopelessly Obsolete! Amazing “New” (Re-Discovered) Fighting System Used By The Gladiators In Ancient Rome Is Super-Easy To Learn And MEGA-Easy To Use – And It Kicks Butt On Every Other Martial Art Ever Created. It Even Beats Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do!

10. World Famous Street-Fighter Will Give You a FREE GUN… Just To Prove He Can Take It Away From You Bare-Handed As Easy As Candy From A Baby!

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