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Table of Contents

The membership site model
The script
Choosing a niche
Generating content
The leverage model
Getting traffic
Drip feeding
Monthly fees
7 day trials
$1 downsells
Product launches
Email follow ups
Lifetime membership
Lifetime customer value
Solo ads

Sample Content Preview

Hi and welcome to Passive Membership Profits 2.0.

The 1.0 version of Passive Membership Profits I revealed a good little system for creating and running a profitable membership site but with this 2.0 version I have lots of brand new strategies methods and techniques to show that are way more powerful.

I have been working very hard behind the scenes testing new methods and strategies which makes building and running membership sites much more profitable and this is what I’m going to be revealing in this report.

Firstly just so that you know that what I share in this report is not just theory and I’m not just blowing smoke up your butt I have my own membership site that I have been running for over 2 years and it’s extremely profitable.

It makes a nice steady amount of money each and every month on complete auto-pilot anywhere from $1000+ per month and I can honestly say that this income model is without a doubt that once set up it’s the easiest money that I make online.

With all of that out the way lets dive in.

1.The Membership Site Model

As I have already said, the membership site model can be very profitable if done right but the problem is most people that try to tell you to build a membership site don’t have one themselves and have no idea what they are really doing.

It’s a case of the blind leading the blind which unfortunately happens a lot in Internet marketing. Never the less, if you follow the correct type of information then you can quickly be on your way to building your very own profitable membership site.

The reason why I like the membership business model is because it’s a great way to generate some nice extra income while not spending too much time involved in it. Sounds a bit crazy I know but once you see how I do things and my exact system and formula I use you will understand things much more.

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