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Before we get started, i would like to address your attitudes and the many opportunities that await you online. Now even though I dont know you, I’d like to make a few points since they apply to so many of those who are just starting out in business… online or offline.

I guarantee you one thing. No successful person will allow any roadblocks to get in their way of fulfilling their dreams of success. If you’re really serious about finally making money online, then you can’t let the “small stuff ” get in your way. You can’t let anything prevent you from always moving forward!

Sometimes it may be better to use the “Ready, Fire, Aim” aproach just to get started even when you do not have all the facts…!

Now it is much better to pick a target before you shoot! Just getting started most important course of action. If you miss the target, you move on to the next one.

It’s always better to try and fail than to fail to try.

Doing nothing and failure to take action will get you nothing and will cause anxiety and frustration.

Taking action toward what you want will always win… even if you start wrong, it’s better than sitting still.

As you move toward something, you create ‘course corrections’, refine your strategy, and learn from your mistakes but YOU KEEP ON MOVING. Just like riding a bike, if you dont move, you fall over.

In my experience there will be obstacles almost daily. they may be small ? they may be big. We all face obstacles, Get Over It. It’s just the nature of the beast and the way business is… It’s not always smooth sailing or easy but what you learn in this course is simple.

All of these obstacles and roadblocks and learning to cope and deal with them will just become a part of everyday operations and you will find yourself laughing at them and overcoming them with ease.

Why? Not because they are actually any easier…. It is because successful people are on a mission and they let nothing stop them from completing their mission.

In my case my mission is to keep my wife happy so my mission is never complete

If you ’re unsure about how to do something that needs to get done, then LEARN HOW to do it…

If you ’re unsure about how to use a program essential to running your business, then study and learn it until you do know how…

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