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Grit is contagious. This applies to all human qualities such as fear, panic, pessimism and procrastination. These negative human qualities are instant grit-killers. Nothing saps drive and motivation more than people with a negative outlook and a passive mindset.

Take a moment to reflect on the type of people you regularly associate with. Are they the pessimists. The cynics and the constant complainers who are always finding justification for not getting ahead? Is this sense of perpetual “victimhood” wearing off on you? Do you always find excuses for giving up and getting things done? It’s just good common sense to avoid people who are negative and lack motivation, passion and drive. They sap your energy and optimism and leave you feeling drained and depressed. Reflect on who these people are in your life and just avoid them as much as possible. Steer clear of people who give up easily and lack focus.

Conversely, the more time you spend in the company of people with grit, the more their powerful qualities will wear off on you. You will gradually find yourself adopting their outlook of perseverance and passion. They will keep you fired up, motivated and brimming with self-confidence.

Whether at work or in other settings, observe how these people tackle goals and overcome hurdles. Listen to them talk with passion about their goals and how, for them, achieving those goals is a given. Learn from them and let them inspire you.

STEP #2: Visualize Your Goals

Let’s say you have a long-term goal of becoming a best-selling author. For 10 minutes each day, sit back, relax and picture yourself when you have achieved that goal. Visualize how you will feel when you finally succeed after years of hard work and the passionate pursuit of your goal. Visualize the rave reviews by literary critics, the offers to turn your book into a movie and your large base of dedicated readers…

Whatever your goal is, create an appropriate scenario of amazing success and run through it every day. Try to be as specific as possible and add more details every time you practice these visualizations.

Holding these images in your mind will keep you inspired and on fire. In addition, visualization is essential for staying on track with long-term goals at times when things get tough and your goal seems elusive.

There is actually a scientific basis behind visualization. It trains your brain to focus on your goal and constantly search for new and innovative ways to reach it. Your Positive visualization actually wires your mind to focus on your goal because it understands that it’s something that makes you feel good.

STEP 3#: Cultivate Hope

Unless you believe that it’s absolutely possible to achieve your goals, you’ll never achieve them.

People with grit have limitless hope and optimism and never allow limiting beliefs to stand between them and their goals. In fact, their mantra is “if you believe it you will achieve it!”

Positive affirmations are the best way to cultivate home. They are also backed up by science. It has been found that they rewire your brain to think positively and over time, carve new neural pathways that allow you to enjoy lasting hope and optimism.

Affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself every day to help your brain begin the rewiring process. Here are some examples of hope-promoting affirmations: I can achieve anything I want to.

Nothing stands between me and success.

The sky is the limit. Great things are in store for me.

I choose to see only the positive in everything.

The past has no power over me. I choose to focus on the future.

I embrace my courage and strength.

Search for more affirmation online or get creative and make up your own to align with your specific goals. Just make sure you repeat them daily to yourself to start rewiring your brain. The shift will be gradual but you will be amazed at how your outlook will change.

STEP #4: Embrace Challenges

People with grit embrace challenges. In fact, they look forward to them. Challenges and hurdles keep gritty people on their toes, allowing them to draw on their inner strength and creativity to overcome them, and allowing them to grow more grit in the process.

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