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Table of Contents

Your Paperless E-Book Publishing Journey … 1
How to Profit from Your Info Product……. 3
What You Need ….. 5
Planning Your Info Product Creation . 7
Creating Your Info Product …… 15
Contents …. 25
Joining Affiliate Programs . 31
Info Product Creation Tips 35
In Closing .. 37
Recommended Resources 38
Module 2: Info Product Business Setup Explained ….. 39
The 3 Business Models You Can Choose From……. 41
What You Need .. 50
Writing Your Sales Letter … 53
How to Create a Back-End Sale in Your Thank You Page …… 73
Setting Up Your Business … 74
Recommended Resources 86
Module 3: Online Marketing Explained 87
The Truth about SEO …… 89
Preparing Your Promotion Materials …… 92
Endorsing to Your Mailing List …… 97
Leverage on Affiliate Marketing .. 98
Recommended Resources For Starting Your Own Affiliate Program 99
Ad Swaps ……. 102
Low Cost Advertising that Works …. 104
The Closing .. 109
Recommended Resources ….. 110

Sample Content Preview

What You Need Word Program

You will need a Word Program to start creating your own Information Product (E-Book). If you are Microsoft user like me, you should find the Microsoft Word program readily installed within your computer’s system.

PDF Converter Program

Once you have finished creating your own Information Product and proof-read it for the last time, you will need a program that can convert your Word document into PDF format.

That way, your product cannot be altered, add, removed, edited, and its contents remain intact and just the way the document was before you converted it.

You can also disable the copying function to prevent convenient content theft copying.

I am currently using the PDF converter, which is already available within the suite where I am hosting my web site at, to convert my Word documents into PDF products. Alternatively, you can PDF converter services such as OpenOffice.

Recommended Resource: This PDF Tool Kit is yours as a bonus to purchasing this package. Its retail price is $19.95, but that should help you save at least $400.00 from using Adobe’s PDF converter program.


Contrary to popular recommendations, I DON’T endorse using PDF995 to convert your Word documents.

This is because you will learn that the links within your document would not be clickable, rendering your product useless for back-end income from the same reader / customer.

Paint Program (optional)

While this is optional, you will probably need a Paint Program to create your Word document’s cover and maybe other parts of your product where images and illustrations might be needed.

I use Adobe Photoshop program to create my own covers (see the first page of this E-Book for example).

The topic on creating your own cover will be covered in detail later.

Affiliate Programs You Join

You have to join at least a few quality affiliate programs so that you can recommend them to your customers in your paid Info Product in order to enable back end income.

The topic on joining affiliate programs will be covered in detail later.

Your Brain with Some Confidence to Go!

Now, this is something you CANNOT go without when it comes to creating your own Info Product for sale.

Planning Your Info Product Creation

Here are 9 important aspects to consider before starting your own Info Product creation.

1. Demand

Internet Marketers often associate the term “niche” with this topic, but in a nutshell, what you really want to ask yourself is, “who are my customers?”

In other words, who is looking for a demand and is willing to pay for it? And then, how many of them?

As in the case of creating your own Info Product for sale, you want to know what kind of information people are looking for, are willing to pay for it, and there are many of them.

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