Booze Basher: Transformational Tools For Battling Booze Binges And Staying Alcohol-Free Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Introduction To Your New Life

Chapter 2:
Basics To Breaking Old Habits

Chapter 3:
Nutritional Tips For Conquering Alcohol Cravings

Chapter 4:
Meditation versus Medication

Chapter 5:
Affirmations For Alcohol Abstinence

Chapter 6:
Healthy Habits For A Better Life

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Introduction To Your New Life


What are a few of the advantages of stopping boozing? Is it worth it to quit boozing?

The Basics

Well naturally it all depends upon how much you’re boozing and what the results of that are. Likewise, you may have to decide who to trust when it comes to some of this stuff. For instance, some research states that there are advantages to having one or two drinks a day. But naturally, if you’re an alcoholic or fighting with alcohol abuse, then you don’t need to follow this advice.

If you’re hooked on alcohol then there are a few huge advantages to stopping boozing. For alcoholics, the advantages of stopping include:

– Improved lifespan – you will commonly pass away many years early if you’re an alcoholic and carry on to drink right up until you die. Likewise, a lot of recovering alcoholics will also quit smoking eventually, which is the biggest killer of recovering alcoholics. If you go on to drink your chances of stopping smoking are slight to none. The fact that most alcoholics are likewise heavy smokers is a double curse when it comes to death rates. Heavy boozing and heavy smoking kills individuals quicker than you think.

– Bettered quality of life – if you quit boozing then your life will typically get better in just about every way. Not simply your health, but likewise your ability to work, acquire a greater job, advance in your vocation, better your relationships, and so forth. If you go on to abuse booze all of that stuff may simply get steadily worsened over time. You might get lucky every once in a while and make a little progress, however for the most part you’ll go steadily downwards.

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