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Introduction ….. 4
Step 1: First Understand Procrastination Makes You Work Slower 8
Step 2: Understand Procrastination Can Also Make You Work Harder . 13
Step 3: Stop Doubting Your Abilities – Here’s How To Work Faster ….. 18
Step 4: Take Regular Breaks – Why Taking Regular Breaks Is Key To Doing Your Best Work …… 24
Step 5: It Starts With You – Taking Care Of Yourself Is Key To Doing Your Best Work 28
Step 6: How Making A Game Out Of Getting Things Done Promptly Can Help You Work More Efficiently …… 33
Step 7: How To Overcome Distractions That You CAN Control …. 38
Step 8: How To Overcome Distractions You CAN’T Control . 44
Step 9: How To Stay On Time or Ahead of Your Project……. 48
Step 10: Reward Yourself When a Project is Completed …… 52
Conclusion …. 58

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As you can see in the examples above, procrastination can sometimes be difficult to spot because one will think he/she is doing a good thing by focusing on a specific task that is needed for his/her business to do well. While all necessary tasks are important and need to have the appropriate amount of time spent on them in order for them to be done well, spending too much time on one area to cut back on time spent in another area because that first area is more enjoyable will likely lead to the business not performing as well as it should because not enough time and focus is placed on that second, less enjoyable area.

What you need to realize when it comes to procrastination is that doing this will cause you to work slower than is necessary in order to achieve your best work. When you focus on a more enjoyable area of your occupation and spend more time doing that work, you are still only completing a part of the project or overall task you need to complete for your business to be doing as well as you expect it to. This takes more time away from the area of the business or occupation you are not as fond of, which will either lead to you not putting as much time on that area, leading to poorer-quality work that negatively impacts the whole project, or it will cause you to put in the necessary time and delay the completion of the entire project.

In either case, you are slowing yourself down to avoid doing the work that is needed in that less-desirable area of your business or occupation. This is doing a disservice to yourself and to the business at large because you could be doing more in the same amount of time it is taking you to complete the necessary work. As a result, you could be getting projects done quicker if you were not procrastinating and avoiding the area of the business or occupation you are not as fond of. Your business could be doing much better as a result of you working more efficiently. Additionally, you could have more free time to work on other areas of your business or even to take time away to enjoy leisurely activities.

Therefore, realize that procrastination does not help you or your business in any way. The work you keep “avoiding” will still have to be done in order for your business to function and succeed as you expect it to. All you’re doing by procrastinating is allowing yourself less time to complete that less desirable work you don’t like doing, likely leading to poorer quality that could harm your business. Or, you’ll give yourself more time to complete that less desirable work, which will lead to you missing deadlines and goals you’ve set to make up for your procrastination, which will also damage your business and keep it from thriving as you expect it to.

Referring to the aforementioned examples, a business or financial person still has to use the mathematical programs to analyze gathered research in order to make the best use of it to benefit one’s business or financial firm. A teacher still has to make out lesson plans in order to best educate his/her students so that they progress and become contributing members of society. An entrepreneur still has to create sales letters to sell his/her own products. These tasks can’t be avoided to be a successful business/financial person, teacher, or entrepreneur.

Procrastination of certain tasks will only lead to you doing slower work and doing less work in a set amount of time. Chances are high that you will also do poorer-quality work as a result. In the next chapter, you’ll learn that procrastination also makes you work harder to complete the tasks you need to complete in order to be successful.

Step 2: Understand Procrastination Can Also Make You Work Harder

In the last chapter, you learned that procrastination makes you work slower, leading to you getting less done than you could in a set amount of time. You also learned that procrastination will likely lead to lower-quality work being done. However, procrastination doesn’t just make you work slower; it also makes you work harder as well.

Procrastination will make you work harder because procrastinating means taking longer than is necessary with a set task in order to avoid doing another required task to achieve the main goal you want to achieve. You procrastinate in order to avoid something that you perceive to be unpleasant and that you want to avoid.

As discussed in the last chapter, you’ll spend more time on an enjoyable task because you want to avoid a less enjoyable task as much as possible. The problem with this approach is, the more time you spend on the enjoyable task, the less time you have to work on the less enjoyable task you’re trying to avoid. To compensate for the lost time, you will have to do one of two things:

– You’ll have to work faster (and harder) on the less enjoyable task to stay on schedule.

– You’ll have to give yourself more time to complete the less enjoyable task to put the required amount of effort and work in to do the task well, leading to a delay in the overall project.

If you choose option two, you’ll delay the overall project, which can impact your profits, your reputation, and more. Thus, option two is an option you really cannot afford to make, leaving you with option one: Working faster and harder to make up for your procrastination.

We discussed in the last chapter why working slower can have detrimental effects on your work. It can cause you to have to speed up the rest of your work, which can lead to producing lower-quality work. This is especially true since you will be doing faster work on a task or part of a project you were trying to avoid in the first place through procrastination.

In addition, you will have to work harder in order to complete the project you are working on in the allotted time for the project. That is because you will have to extensively focus on completing the task you were avoiding because you have a very strict time limit to complete it in or suffer damage to your credibility, reputation, and profitability. There is no margin for error now- any mistake or slip-up by you now will lead to lost credibility, a damaged reputation, and a reduction in profits because you will not hold true to your word when you would have a project completed.

If you’re an Internet marketer and announced that you would release your next product on a certain date, but don’t, the damage to your credibility will last for a very long time. The consequences would likely include other Internet marketers not wanting to work with you on joint ventures because they’ll see you as unreliable. You’ll also lose credibility with customers and potential customers because they will see you as untrustworthy because you said your new product would be on a specific date, then wasn’t. They’ll always have doubt in their minds when it comes to you telling them something, questioning whether they can believe you or not. That is certainly not good to building up a relationship with them and having them purchase your products and/or services. Therefore, you have to do everything you can to stay on the planned or announced schedule you have and finish your project in time so you can stay on that schedule. This means that you have to make up for the time you lost procrastinating, which means you’ll have to work harder to make up for that lost time.

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