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Automating Your Niche Blog Business

Business automation can arguably be the most important part of running a successful online business. When I started in Internet Marketing, I did everything. Graphics, web design, product creation, etc… This was great because it saved me money, but the problem was I wasn’t making much! I kept beating myself up day after day trying to get everything right, but I just couldn’t seem to get it all together. What I later found out was…it wasn’t my fault. How can you be an expert at everything? Well….you can’t! Once I learned and understood this, my business started taking off and I was finally making real money!

So what’s my secret?…..I don’t do the work! Yep, that’s right…I get other people to do the work that I’m not good at. I have a vision in my mind, so I just relay that vision to the person that I’m outsourcing to and they make it happen for me! Of course I do have to pay them to do this for me, but I’ve found some very good and cheap workers!

Just imagine if I shared my contacts with you? I’ve already done the hard work finding people who can do what I need them to do, so my blogs make money. Do you know any other marketer who would share the same contacts they use to make money? Isn’t information like this, the real secrets? Well, I’m am!

I’m going to tell you exactly who I use and give you all the contact information in this chapter! This chapter won’t be long, but it is pure meat and I’m giving you priceless information! I’m giving you contact info for someone who builds my blogs from top to bottom! All I do is add the content to the blogs and I don’t even write that myself! I have other people do that too!

Are you ready for me to reveal my true secrets of how I make money making niche blogs and putting them online so the search engines like Google gobble them up and rank me in the top 10 so all my affiliate ad make free money for me? Are you sure? Ok, I hope you don’t care that this entire chapter is only going to be a few pages because it’s not very complicated and it won’t take long for me to show you how to do it.

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