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Introduction 5
Market Domination 10
Quick-Start Strategies 14
Anatomy of a Stand-Out Job Description 22
Qualifying Freelancers 26
Creating Contracts 30
Final Words 33
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Market Domination

So, you already know that hiring the right team of freelancers can help you take your business to the next level of success.

In fact, there’s no easier way to expand into new markets and test out new product ideas than with a team of freelancers at your disposal. And if you want to dominate your industry, then hiring seasoned professionals will help you do this in a way that might not be possible if you try to go it alone.

How Outsourcing Can Help You Grow Your Business

Freelancers can help you maximize your productivity by allowing you to focus on growing your business. You’re the one who needs to go out and attract new business. You’re the face of your brand and the voice and mastermind behind the product launches.

That’s a huge job in itself! And if you also consider the many different tasks often required in maintaining a stand-out brand, you’ll likely find yourself quickly running out of time. Then your business will suffer because you’re far too busy trying to micro-manage all the small stuff that you just don’t have time left over for what matters.

In other words, if you’re bogged down in daily tasks and administration, you won’t have time to effectively build your business on a strong foundation.

Outsourcing is, for many entrepreneurs, their secret weapon. It allows them the opportunity to expand into new markets they may not be experienced with, and to design, build and product extraordinary content, products, apps and merchandise that they could never create without a team of experts.


Outsourcing will help you:

Expand your services and products
Automate your systems
Reach new segments of the market
Get the benefit of other people’s experiences
Give your customers something new

Need some simple examples?

A freelance writer might be able to make your company blog a must-read for people in your industry or niche by producing pillar content that positions you as an authority and thought-leader.

A skilled marketer could transform your social media strategy and help you fine-tune your campaigns to reach a new audience. Instead of you having to spend weeks learning Facebook ads, hire an experienced campaign manager to launch your marketing campaign for you in a matter of minutes.

Using freelancers simply gives you a ready-made team to work with that requires little to no training. The people you hire can offer you new perspectives and put their skills to work for you and quite often, they’ll be able to help you come up with new ideas and ways of doing things you never even thought of!

In the next chapter, we’ll talk about some quick-start strategies so you know how to create a professional team that are focused on helping you build your business.

Quick-Start Strategies

If you’ve never hired a freelancer before, you’re probably wondering how they’ll fit into your business, or how best to utilize the skills they bring to the table so you’re maximizing their value.

That’s an important consideration, and it might not be so easy to figure out where to best fill the gaps of your business because you may not even recognize what those gaps are!

In this chapter, I’ll explain how to integrate freelancers into your system, and give you a step-by-step guide to getting started.

Okay, So Where Can You Use Freelancers?

Freelancers can be beneficial to almost any part of your business, regardless of your niche or industry.

For example, you can hire:

Seasoned writers and authority bloggers.
Creative web designers.
Skilled graphic designers.
Expert marketers and copywriters.
Freelance accountants and bookkeepers.
Freelance admin and virtual assistants.
Coders, programmers and app developers.
And the list goes on.

How to Integrate Freelancers into Your Business

When you’re deciding which freelancers to hire, you’ll want to start by analyzing your business and then deciding what key areas need attention. That way you can hire professionals to work within your existing business system rather than trying to create positions for freelancers.

Sounds like common sense?

You might be surprised to discover just how many entrepreneur’s hire freelancers without a game plan in place. They end up with a team of professionals who are ready to help their business grow, yet no real direction is given.

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