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Table Of Contents

I. Introductory
The human body a perfect machine–How to keep well–Outdoor
sleeping–Exercise and play–Smoking–Walking.
II. The Boy Scouts of America
Headquarters–Purpose–Scout Law–How to form a patrol of
Scouts–Organization of a troop–Practical activities for
Scouts–A Scout camp–Model Program of Sir R.S.S.
Baden-Powell Scout camp.
III. Camps and Camping
How to select the best place to pitch a tent–A brush bed–The
best kind of a tent–How to make the camp fire–What to do when
it rains–Fresh air and good food–The brush leanto and how to
make it.
IV. Camp Cooking
How to make the camp fire range–Bread bakers–Cooking
utensils–The grub list–Simple camp recipes.
V. Woodcraft
The use of an axe and hatchet–Best woods for special
purposes–What to do when you are lost–Nature’s compasses.
VI. Use of Fire-arms
Importance of early training–Why a gun is better than a
rifle–How to become a good shot.
VII. Fishing
Proper tackle for all purposes–How to catch bait–The fly
fisherman–General fishing rules.
VIII. Nature Study
What is a true naturalist?–How to start a collection–Moth
collecting–The herbarium.
IX. Water Life
The water telescope–How to manage an aquarium–Our insect
friends and enemies–The observation beehive.
X. The Care of Pets
Cats–Boxes for song birds–How to attract the birds–Tame
crows–The pigeon fancier–Ornamental land and water
fowl–Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice–How to build
coops–General rules for the care of pets–The dog.
XI. The Care of Chickens
The best breed–Good and bad points of incubators–What to feed
small chicks–A model chicken house.
XII. Winter Sports
What to wear–Skating–Skiing–Snowshoeing–Hockey.
XIII. Horsemanship
How to become a good rider–The care of horses–Saddles.
XIV. How to Swim and to Canoe
The racing strokes–Paddling and sailing canoes.
XV. Baseball
How to organize a team and to select the players–The various
positions–Curve pitching.
XVI. How to Play Football
The various positions and how to select men for them–Team
work and signals–The rules.
XVII. Lawn Tennis
How to make and mark a court–Clay and sod courts–The proper
grip of the racket–Golf–The strokes and equipment.
XVIII. Photography
The selection of a camera–Snapshots vs. real pictures–How to
make a photograph from start to finish.
XIX. Outdoor Sports for Girls
What to wear–Confidence–Horseback riding–Tennis–Golf–Camping.
XX. One Hundred Outdoor Games

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The human body a perfect machine—How to keep well—Outdoor

sleeping—Exercise and play—Smoking—Walking

Suppose you should wake up Christmas morning and find yourself to be the owner of a bicycle. It is a brand-new wheel and everything is in perfect working order. The bearings are well oiled, the nickel is bright and shiny and it is all tuned up and ready for use. If you are a careful, sensible boy you can have fun with it for a long time until finally, like the “One Hoss Shay” in the poem, it wears out and goes to pieces all at once. On the other hand, if you are careless or indifferent or lazy you may allow the machine to get out of order or to become rusty from disuse, or perhaps when a nut works loose you neglect it and have a breakdown on the road, or you may forget to oil the bearings and in a short time they begin to squeak and wear. If you are another kind of a boy, you may be careful enough about oiling and cleaning the wheel, but you may also be reckless and head—strong and will jump over curbstones and gutters or ride it over rough roads at a dangerous rate of speed, and in this way shorten its life by abuse just as the careless boy may by neglect.

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