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Table Of Contents

CHAPTER 1 – Choosing a Niche Market
CHAPTER 2 – Creating Written Documents
CHAPTER 3 – Creating Your Niche Sales Site
CHAPTER 4 – Elements of a Sales Letter
CHAPTER 5 – Your Ordering System
CHAPTER 6 – Backend Selling = Ultimate Profits
CHAPTER 7 – What and Why to Test
CHAPTER 8 -Getting Hot Targeted Traffic
CHAPTER 9 – Your Opt-In Email List
CHAPTER 10 – Finalize Your System

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There are literally thousands of different things out there that you can create, but it still amazes me that most marketers on the web only promoting affiliate programs.

Now, I don’t have anything against promoting an affiliate program, but if that is all you are doing, then you are missing the boat.

You see, one of the biggest and best reasons to create your own product is to start YOUR OWN affiliate program.

Think about the affiliate program that you are promoting now. Putting in all of your valuable time, energy, and advertising dollars to work by promoting somebody else’s program.

Now imagine if you had 100 people just like you promoting your product in that fashion.

Now, this may not be you, you may be reading this course without any knowledge of marketing on the internet. Which is fine, no matter who you are or what experience you have (if any), you can create a profitable niche product or have somebody else create it and sell it on the web. The other reason to have your own product is the backend. For each product that your affiliates sell for you, becomes another target customer that can buy second products off of you where you don’t have to pay any affiliates.

That is why you see some affiliate programs paying 60-75%. They aren’t even that interested in making money off of the first sale, they want the money that will come in from the second, third, and fourth sale. So the affiliate program owner will pay you 60-75% to basically bring customers into his sales funnel.

It is a simple concept, but I am amazed by how many people aren’t doing it. Within this course I am mostly referring to digital niche products. I want you to create a digital “how to” product to sell on the net. I have sold both digital and hard copy, and digital has so many advantages, and hardly any disadvantages.

What I mean by digital niche product is that it can be download from the internet, hard copy means that you have to mail out a product for each order.

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