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Table of Contents

Introduction … 6
Chapter 1 – What is Emotional Intelligence …….. 9
Categories of Emotional Intelligence 10
Self-Awareness 10
Self-Regulation .11
Motivation 11
Empathy ..12
Social Skills ……13
Benefits of High Emotional Intelligence …..14
Chapter 2 – How to Identify Emotional Triggers and Strategies for Dealing with Them .19
How to Identify Your Emotional Triggers …20
How to Deal with Emotional Triggers ……..22
Chapter 3 – Why You Need to Take Responsibility and Set Personal Boundaries …25
How to Take Responsibility …..26
How to Set Your Personal Boundaries ……28
Chapter 4 – How to Raise Your Emotional Intelligence …..31
Key Skills of Emotional Intelligence..32
Chapter 5 – Essential Keys for Commanding Your Emotions ….36
The Emotional Triad ……37
How to Deal with Negative Emotions ……..38
Chapter 6 – How to Gain Emotional Control and Tackle Anger Management .42
Understanding Anger …..43
The Importance of Anger Management …..43
Tips for Managing Your Anger 45
Chapter 7 – Mastering Conflict Resolution with Emotional Intelligence…..49
Understanding the Cause of Conflict50
How to Perceive Conflict 50
Conflict Resolution Skills ……..51
Conflict Resolution and Non-Verbal Communication …53
Chapter 8 – Mastering Your Interpersonal Skills for Higher Emotional Intelligence …54
Verbal Communication ..55
Non-Verbal Communication ….56
Conclusion …58

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Psychologists agree that IQ alone isn’t sufficient for achieving happiness and success in life. According to recent studies, your IQ only accounts for around 10 to 25 percent of your success, while emotional intelligence accounts for approximately 75 percent. Other studies have revealed that those with high EQ scores tend to perform better at work, and more self-confident, and make better leaders. All these factors have led to the conclusion that EQ is important and can significantly enhance a person’s productivity and personal development.

Benefits of High Emotional Intelligence

Having a high level of emotional intelligence can set you apart from the crowd and help you create real opportunities. Many advantages can accrue in your life as a result of having high emotional intelligence. Fortunately, the good news is that every person who is ready and willing to increase their EQ levels, if you’re will put the work in and practice.

In the world, there are people who are incredibly smart, yet they aren’t successful or live a fulfilled life. For example, there are people who are brilliant in academics, but when it comes to their personal relationships, they are inept. This is because while they might have a high IQ, their emotional intelligence is low. There are many things that emotional intelligence can help you attain, including the following.

Personal Effectiveness

Emotional intelligence is regarded as a critical ingredient for your own success. It provides you with the ability to manage your affairs and those of others successfully. Emotional intelligence gives you the tools and strategies that can make you more aware of yourself and teach you how to manage your emotions, both the positive and the negative, which increases your personal effectiveness. Thinking Skills

What makes an issue challenging to solve might not be due to its complexity, but rather the perspective that you have. Old difficulties can be solved by replacing early views with new perspectives. Emotional intelligence also helps in developing your strategic thinking capacity and your ability to inspire and motivate your team. Professional Relationships

With higher emotional intelligence, you will be able to understand better what makes people tick. This is crucial in developing a harmonious and positive working environment and relationships.

By boosting your emotional intelligence, your ability to interact with others, and communicate more effectively with others will all increase. This will, in turn, enhance your professional relationships. Leadership Capability

Effective leadership requires that you understand and empathize with the people that you lead. Emotional intelligence provides you with strategies that are crucial in persuading, influencing, motivating, and inspiring others. The most significant determinant of success in any management or leadership style is the extent to which you understand the emotions of other people and how well you respond to them. This can significantly enhance satisfaction and create a conducive environment for stronger workplace relationships.

Physical Well-Being

Your emotional intelligence has a significant impact on your overall well-being. Stress management, which is closely related to your emotional state, gives you the unique ability to react in a positive way even when you face challenges in your life. This is incredibly important because stress can end up weakening your physical skills, lowering your immune system, and ultimately decrease your quality of life. Mental Well-Being

The attitude and the outlook that you have on your life is shaped by emotional intelligence. If you have low EQ, you likely experience anxiety, depression, and mood swings. This will end up eroding your positivity and optimism, making your life dull and unpleasant. Your mental stability is usually at its highest when all your faculties, including your ability to understand and interpret your emotions, are working right.

Conflict Management

You can’t get away from conflict. However, your ability to resolve any dispute is wholly dependent on your level of understanding of the emotions of the people involved. If you can successfully discern and empathize with the feelings and perspectives of the people in the conflict, it becomes easy to solve such situations or even prevent them from also occurring in the first place. High emotional intelligence makes us better negotiators because it gives you an insight into the desires and needs of the parties in contention. When you know the bone of contention, resolving conflict becomes much easier. Success

Your ability to focus on a goal is a total of your internal motivators and self-confidence. Higher levels of emotional intelligence can give you self-discipline and keep us on course towards attaining your goals. In addition, emotional intelligence allows you to create a better support network, persevere with an incredible degree of resilience, and overcome setbacks that stand between you and your success. An emotionally intelligent person can delay instant gratification and focus on the long-term benefits of a course of action which boosts your chances of success.

The field of emotional intelligence is still attracting studies by different scholars, what is clear, however, is that emotions play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of both our personal and professional lives. The advancement in technology has helped us to master information, but it has not replaced our ability to learn and manage emotions.

Chapter 2 – How to Identify Emotional Triggers and Strategies for Dealing with Them

Emotional triggers are the thoughts, feelings, and events that can evoke an automatic response. The use of the word trigger is crucial because the reaction occurs automatically without self-control. While these reactions might seem involuntary, in reality, like everything else we do, the response is a matter of choice. If you want to take control of how you respond to different circumstances, then you will need to learn how to identify your personal emotional triggers.

How to Identify Your Emotional Triggers

Until you are able to identify your emotional triggers correctly, they will continually rule over your emotions. Rather than letting minor aggravations make you run for the hills, you need to learn how to take charge of your feelings. You can do this by first dealing with your personal stressors. There are different groups of stressors, including the following.

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