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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Pick a Niche the Smart Way
Chapter 2: Create a Niche Brand Home
Chapter 3: Design Your Niche Content System for Maximum Conversion
Chapter 4: Build a Successful Niche Content Creation System
Chapter 5: Promote Each Piece of Content Systematically
Chapter6: How to Become a Niche Authority Quickly
Chapter 7: For Maximum SEO Get .edu Links Like a Champ
Chapter 8: Monetize Your Brand Systematically
Chapter 9: Optimize Your Brand Systematically

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Enter your keywords on major social media platforms likeFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Can you tell if there are a lot of existing accounts on those places that talk about your niche? If there isn’t, delete the niche from your list.

Optional Filter #2: Filter by Content “Virality”

For this filter, look at the group’s pages and accounts that target the niches that target the niches that you have left on your list. Look at the engagement levels of the content in those accounts. Does it seem like there’s an organicactive community built around these niches? If the answer is “yes”, keep the niche. If the answer is “no”, you might want to get rid of that niche.

Keep all these in mind because if at least the main five selection factors are present, there’s a strong likelihood your business will be successful. However, keep in mind that niche election accounts for 90% of success. You still have to take care of the remaining 10%.

Create a Niche Brand Home

Now that you have a clear idea of what your niche is going to be, the next step is to build a home for the brand you will be creating for that niche. Pay attention to what I just I said. I said that you will be building a brand. I did not say “business” and I definitely didn’t say “website”.

Unfortunately, a lot of online entrepreneurs think that once they’ve discovered a niche, they just need to build a website or a business. Wrong. If you don’t build a brand, it’s only a matter of time until your business stagnates or flat-out fails.

You have to build abrand. This is what people will gravitate to. This is what people will build an organic community on. You have to build a brand; otherwise, you’re just simply pushing information as a commodity. That’s a losing game.

The best that you could offer is content and information. You really don’t have much of an advantage because your visitors can get that elsewhere. In fact, your competitors probably have been around far longer than you. There’s really no good reason for them to go to you for content when theycan find that stuff somewhere else. You need to build a brand.

Your brand is a set of values that your community and a targeted audience would associate with your business. That is your brand.

Build a Niche Brand Website

The first thing that you’re going to work on is your website. This is going to be the home of the brand that you managed to build through all the content that you distribute all over the Internet. All that branding has to go somewhere. All that effort has to lead to a specificplace on the Internet, and this is your website.
Do not ever confuse your website with your brand. Your website is just an expression of your brand. It is not your brand.

When putting together the specifications for a website, understand that you’re trying to create an experience.

Think of building a website as something like setting up a nightclub. When you’re setting up a dance club, nightclub or some sort of social destination, you’re looking to set up an experience because if you set up a club that serves alcohol and plays loud music, you’ve set up something generic. You’ve set up something that people could experience pretty much everywhere.

There has to be something that’s different about your brand. This is called your unique selling proposition.That’s why you have to look at your website as a giant opportunity to communicate your unique selling proposition.

What is it about your treatment of your niche that makes your brand stand out from the rest? Unfortunately, only you can answer that question.

Once you have set down the design parameters of your website (again, these must be intended to create some sort of unique experience), you should then select design parameters for graphics that communicate your niche identity. You should also look at getting graphics designed that highlights your brand identity. All these flow together.

Quick Shortcut: reverse engineer your competitors’ designs

The biggest problem with creating a niche brand home is that it’s too tempting to come up with something that you think is awesome or hot. You’re more than welcome to brainstorm but, let me tell you, 90% of the time, whatever you come up with will fall flat. It turns out that you don’t see eye to eye with your customers.

The better approach would be to study what your competitors are already doing and focus on what they have in common. The reason they have certain design elements in common is that they resonate, at some level or other, with your target audience. They would not share those common design elements if they didn’t speak to your audience’s needs.

You use that as a preliminary starting point. This is a “safe spot” for you to start your niche brand home design on. Later on, you’re going to customize based on the actual interaction of your audience with your website.

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