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Podcasting for customers

Podcasting has taken the world by storm. It’s one of the most frequently downloaded mediums and with the abundance of podcasting directories including but certainly not limited to iTunes and Yahoo, reaching your audience through this unique format is easier than ever.

Have you ever been fishing?

If you’ve been fishing you know that a body of water is full of sweet spots. There are places where the fish like to hang out. Find those places and you’re arm will ache from reeling them in by the bucketful.

Of course there are those dead spots too. Places where you can sit for a day and all you come home with is a sore bottom and sunburn.

Yes there are tricks and strategies to luring the fish to come to you. Strobe lights, special bait, and of course silent prayers. However, the best strategy for catching fish is typically to know what you’re fishing for. Do your research. What types of waters does the fish like to swim in? When are they most active? What do they eat? Not rocket science really, just research.

What does fishing have to do with podcasting?

Podcasting is much like fishing. Yes, you can throw your podcast up and hope you get a bite. Or you can do a bit of research; find out what your audience is looking for, where they hang out and what they like to listen to? What information are they seeking? What problems do they need to have solved? What can information can you feed them?

This book is designed to not only introduce you as a business owner to the power of podcasting as an integral tool in your marketing strategy but to also show you how to catch the right fish. We’ll talk about the tools you

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