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Table of Contents

Page 4…..What Exactly Is Niche Marketing?
Page 6…..Niches Within Niches Within Niches
Page 8…..Choosing Your Profitable Niche
Page 10…..Your Niche Website
Page 13…..Your Niche Blog
Page 16…..Profile Your Market
Page 17…..Build Your Niche Opt-In List
Page 20…..Communicate With Your Market
Page 22…..Poll Your Niche Market Often
Page 24…..Learn All That You Can
Page 26…..Give Your Market A Community of Their Own
Page 28…..Test Your Market
Page 30…..Niche Affiliate Marketing
Page 33…..The Difference Is In The Content
Page 35…..Developing A Niche Product
Page 38…..Keyword Research for Niche Marketing
Page 40…..Google AdSense for Niche Marketing
Page 42…..Recommended Resources

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What Exactly Is Niche Marketing?

You’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing, Internet Marketing, article marketing, and even forum marketing – but what in the world is niche marketing? Niche marketing falls under the category of Internet marketing. Internet marketing is any type of marketing that is done on the Internet. Niche marketing, however, can be done both online and offline.

Niche marketing is essentially the act of targeting a very specialized group of consumers. Look at the topic of weight loss. Weight loss is a market, but it is not a niche market. Within the weight loss market, there are numerous niches. For instance, low carb diets are a niche, as is low calorie dieting, exercise equipment, and vitamins and supplements. These are niches.

The concept of niche marketing is to market to a tightly focused group of people, as opposed to mass marketing to an entire market or industry. Because niche marketing is so incredibly focused, the competition isn’t nearly as fierce. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any competition – it just means that there isn’t as much.
Historically, it has always been nearly impossible for a small business to compete with a major corporation. While the Internet opened things up massively, and put more businesses on equal footing, it was still hard for small home businesses to compete with corporations or more established traditional businesses. But with niche marketing, everybody is essentially equal.

In many niches, there isn’t any competition at all. There are spaces within markets where the consumers’ needs are not being met. Their specific problems are not being solved by those who are mass marketing to the entire market. These niches – the ones that have not been tapped into – are more profitable than niches that have been tapped into, and possibly even more profitable than marketing to the entire market.

You can choose to market to an established niche, or seek out un-established niches. The beauty of niches is that you are not required to seek out millions and millions of people in order to be successful. You aren’t required to find an un-established niche either. With niche marketing, you can market to a smaller group of hundreds, or possibly thousands and make just as much money as you would if you were mass marketing to millions. You will most likely find more success.
You don’t even have to learn new marketing methods. If you already know how to do Internet Marketing, all you have to do is find your niche. The methods of

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