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Table of Contents

Introduction And What You Will Learn….6
What is a Niche?….7
Statistics ..9
What You Will Learn…10
Chapter 1: How Have You Chosen Your Niches to Date? ……12
Avoid This Common Strategy …12
Chapter 2: Starting with Self Interests ..15
Examples of Blogs on Personal Interests ……16
Combining a Niche With a Personal Brand …18
Chapter 3: Tapping Into Your Love of Learning.20
Why Listen to a Learner?…21
Chapter 4: Go Where the Money Is .24
What Makes a Niche Profitable? …..25
Some High Earning Niches To Consider 27
Profitability and Your Target Audience …28
Profitability and Evergreen Sites……29
Chapter 5: Zeroing in on a Certain Demographic……31
Shrinking Your Audience …32
Choosing Your Audience…33
Chapter 6: Is Your Niche Content Rich? ……36
Researching Your Niche and Coming Up With Topics 38
Chapter 7: Is It Click Worthy? ..41
Chapter 8: Digital Product Affiliate Promotion Potential.44
Finding a Niche for Digital Affiliate Products..45
Big Affiliate Networks ….48
Chapter 9: Think in Terms of Tangible Affiliate Profits …52
Chapter 10: Is There Room for You to Launch Products? …..54
Considering Whether There’s Space for Your Product55
Products for Smaller Niches …..56
Validating Your Product …..57
Keyword Research Tools To Find Hot Niche Markets …..59
LongTail Pro .59
SpyFu ….60
Google’s Keyword Planner 61
SEOBook’s Keyword Tools62
Conclusion and Summary .63

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Introduction And What You Will Learn

If you’re interested in running a successful website or blog, then the ‘niche’ you choose at the start is one of the single most important decisions you will make. This one decision will impact everything from the design of your website, to the type of content you write about and the kind of visitor you attract. Even your potential monetization options will be decided at this point before you’ve even turned on your computer!

And if you get it wrong? Well, there’s no such thing as a ‘wrong’ niche but suffice to say that some are far more lucrative than others and that some will be much harder to break into.

Before you take any action in creating a blog or website then, you should read this e-book to learn how to go about picking a niche that can work for you.

What is a Niche?

Perhaps a good place to start is by explaining precisely is meant by the term ‘niche’. Simply put, your niche is your ‘subject matter’ for your blog. So if you’re going to be writing about fitness, then fitness and health is your niche. If you’re writing about making money online, you’re in the business niche, or the ‘make money online’ niche.

The reason we use the term niche rather than ‘topic’ is because the topics you cover might sometimes break out of your niche. For instance, you can write a post about going on holiday and your site will still be a ‘fitness niche’. Likewise, the term ‘niche’ is used because – as we’ve already suggested – this decision will affect much more than just your subject matter. You can have no content whatsoever and still be in a niche – if you have a community site for instance. At once then, your niche describes your:

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