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The 5-Minute Guide to Choosing the Perfect Niche to Conquer

Very few people are giving the necessary time and thought to choosing a niche before they go ahead and start creating a website. Often we’re so keen to jump in and to start creating content/designing a website, that we don’t even consider the importance of getting the niche right.

What’s more, many people don’t realize just how many options they have when it comes to choosing a niche. Niches include fitness, making money online, dating and travel… right?

The reality is that there are countless options when it comes to choosing a niche and there’s nothing to stop you even from building your own. What’s more, choosing a more original niche can help you to increase your growth dramatically and to earn a lot more money more quickly.

Your choice of niche doesn’t just affect the content you’ll be writing. It also affects:

• The design of your website

• The demographic you’ll be writing for (and their disposable income or lack-thereof!)

• The type of discussions you’ll have in your comments section/on your forum

• The options available for monetization

• And more!

So think on this decision and think hard before you go ahead and start pouring your heart and soul into your new blog. Use the advice in this five minute guide and ensure you completely grasp how to pick a niche and to thrive in it.

What Makes a Great Niche?

The biggest and most popular niches are, on the whole, fitness, making money and dating. So what is it that makes these three topics such great niches?

Well, can you see what all three of them have in common? All three are on topics that have a universal appeal and that literally everyone can enjoy. All of us have relationships, most of us want more money and most of us want to be fitter. Thus by choosing these topics, you ensure that your target audience is not at all going to be a limiting factor. What’s more, you give yourself lots to write about and you give yourself easy ways to motivate your audience – by telling them how you can improve their lives with more money or better sex.

That’s what makes these three such great niches. But there is also something that makes all three subpar. What’s that? It’s the fact that they all have a huge amount of competition and are arguably overcrowded. That is to say that if you create a blog on fitness, dating or making money, you’ll be going up against thousands of other established blogs and websites and it will be rather difficult to stand out.

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