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Renewable Energy Options for Your Home

Whether you’re contemplating going off the grid from electrical utilities or just trying to supplement your electrical supply to reduce your bill, you will likely be looking into either solar or renewable wind energy for your source of power.

Solar panels combined with batteries is the green renewable energy option for the home. Wind power is also possible while not yet as popular an option for individual consumers. A wind generator will require a homestead that is on enough land. But windmills can be reasonably priced.

Geothermal Energy

The first thing most people think of when considering eco-friendly energy for their home is solar or wind. However, you may also have an option to use geothermal energy in your home. Using hot water and steam from underground to generate electricity is a safe way to do it. You can even add it to an existing home, but you may have to replace your furnace with a geothermal system.

Generate Electricity and Store It for Later

Recreational vehicle (RV) owners have been aware of the usefulness of solar storage systems for some time. Many of them are rapidly adding solar panels to their roofs so they may “boondock” for extended periods.

This means that they camp without plugging into any additional power, meaning that they can camp for much longer than they used to. These RVs have an advantage in that that their lighting systems may be a 12V DC system, which would allow the owners to power their lights without the need for using a power-robbing 110V inverter.

A Home Owner Has Options with Storage Capacity

Homeowners can use as large of a powerwall battery system as they are willing to pay for. Powerwall batteries come in all sizes and prices and are available from some manufacturers such as Goal Zero, AED Land, Schneider, Somerset, and Tesla.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Some battery types were designed for short power outage situations. They will give you something like the service from a portable generator and will be relatively cheap, like the Goal Zero Yeti 1400. Others are intended for actual off the grid residential power service and as you would expect will cost considerably more.

These powerwalls are made up of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, with some using active cooling. The Tesla powerwalls costs $6,700, and installation will not be cheap; estimates range from $2000 to $8000.

Batteries and Panels are Getting Better

With ever-increasing improvements of battery storage and the sunlight to electrical current efficiency of today’s solar panels, practical systems are being offered by several manufacturers. Some new concepts are still on the horizon, such as Tesla’s solar roofing material that Elon Musk promised in 2016. If it ever does become available, it will revolutionize the market.

Today’s Technology Does Pay Off

It may pay to keep checking on the progress of any advancements being promised. At the present time, solar panels combined with batteries are the favored green renewable option for the home.

With ever-increasing improvements of battery storage, and with the added sunlight to electrical current efficiency improvements of solar panels, practical systems are being offered today by several manufacturers.

You may wait for the promise of Tesla’s solar roofing material to show up, but there are many products available today. Many people have already opted to install systems that are working for them and are proving to be cost-effective over the long run. Most people who opt to go ahead and do it today with today’s technology are very happy they did.

One thing that helps conserve energy, whether you’re using solar or not, is to purchase the greenest appliances that you can for your home. This will help cut down on the power drawn from the appliance, which will lower the need for more solar and is also a way to save money on solar.

Tips for Finding Green Appliances

Finding green appliances is a lot simpler today than it used to be. Most appliances these days carry the energy efficient seal even when they seem high-powered. In other words, you don’t lose much by opting for the green appliances over the conventional ones.

Succeed with Renewable Energy Using Efficient Appliances and Lighting

One key in succeeding with renewable energy for the home is to use efficient appliances and lighting. The adage that time is money really does apply to energy costs. Energy is power (rate of doing work in units called a watt) multiplied by time, and is given in units called the watt-second or joule. Essentially, you are charged for the electricity you use by the watt-hour.

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