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Table Of Contents

Introduction 3
Bonsai History 5
Bonsai Styles 9
Formal Upright 10
Informal Upright 11
Slanting 12
Cascade 13
Semi-Cascade 15
Growing Indoors or Outdoors 15
Bonsai Tool Box 17
Grow From Seeds or Buy Trees? 19
Trees Best Suited For Bonsai 21
What to Look For In Your Tree 27
Planting the Bonsai 30
Pruning and Trimming 32
Wiring 35
When to Wire 39
Watering and Fertilizing 41
Repotting the Bonsai 42
Seasonal Care 45
Displaying Your Bonsai 49
General Tips 50
Conclusion 52

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“Bonsai art is the display of a landscape – without the landscape.”

–Nobu Kajiwara

This quote couldn’t be truer. Growing and sculpting bonsai trees can be quite a satisfying hobby. It is a hobby; however, that requires a tremendous amount of patience. When you take a simple sapling and mold it to your desire, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful piece of art you can truly be proud of!

The term bonsai literally means plant in a pot or tray planting. Bonsai however is much more than simply a plant in a pot. The goal of bonsai is to create the appearance of great size and age. This is accomplished by creating a bonsai with strong roots that extend in all directions, creating a sense of stability, a large trunk which tapers as it goes upward, a clear apex, and well formed and well placed branches. These features all combine to create a careful blend of symmetry, balance and proportion. It also must be displayed in a pot which harmonizes well with the plant material.

Bonsai is the art of growing trees in a confined space to simulate certain environmental conditions such as great age, extreme weathering, twisted or contorted form, landscape, or other factors. Bonsai trees are modeled on and take inspiration from nature. The idea of bonsai is to recreate some of nature’s most stunning and beautiful effects on trees which are reduced in scale.

When undertaking bonsai, you are beginning an experience that will expand your horizons in countless ways.

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