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Although I tried many times, I was an unsuccessful clickbank junky who promoted everything from Forex Enterprise and Ultimate Wealth Package, to the Rich Jerk and Honest Riches.

While these products are ranked high in the clickbank marketplace and convert extremely well I was unable to turn a profit. I didn’t understand the market well enough to get targeted traffic to my affiliate link.

At the time I was using the long term strategy of organic search and looking for short term results which is impossible unless there is little or no competition for your keyphrases.

In hindsight it was obvious that this would not work either long term nor short term because the website was only going to attract traffic that consisted of a small percentage of opportunity seekers.

Not only was I trying to convert someone interested in selling vitamins to buy my downloadable work from home opportunity, I was also attracting visitors who wanted to buy vitamins.

This resulted in traffic not very targeted to my offers. Try making a car salesman out of someone trying to buy a boat. It doesn’t work.

It was an overactive style website that consisted of Google Adsense ads, affiliate opportunities, and a free report that you had to jump through hoops to opt in for.

To this day the subscribers on that particular list are very unresponsive and each mailing I send out still results in an unusually high unsubscribe rate and spam complaints. Yet the SEO efforts were very successful as I rank very high for the keyphrases I targeted. As a result I continue to have many opt ins and each mailing to this particular list still nets around $300 in profit.

An affiliate website must be very specific in its purpose. If you are seeking subscribers it must be very clear what they are signing up to receive. If you are trying to promote an affiliate product directly from the site each bit of information you provide should steer your visitor closer to visiting the actual product website.

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