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Hi and welcome to the goal setting online course, Attracting Online Riches for Internet Marketers. Goal setting is a very important skill and above all, you need to have a strong road map and grand mission, to succeed in your business. Most of the successful Internet Marketers and high profile figures are usually associated with being visionaries and are said to have the ability to see into the near future, some even further.

While you don’t have to be intimidated by the need to develop such a far sight, you cannot ignore that there is a Law of Attraction in effect in our lives.

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Let’s talk about the big picture you want for your business and ultimately, bigger picture in what you want in life. Doing business and making money is but a vehicle towards achieving your financial freedom and it doesn’t stop there. Analyze what people really want and why they are willing to work for money and you will find out that it’s not the green paperbacks that they want to accumulate but what they can buy with those notes. Of course, the smarter people will turn it around have money work for them, but that’s a subject best saved for some other time.

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