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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Basics On Moods
Chapter 2 Identify Where The Mood Is Coming From
Chapter 3 Get In A Take Charge Frame Of Mind
Chapter 4 Learn To De-stress
Chapter 5 Watch What You Eat And Drink
Chapter 6 Learn To Let Up On Yourself A Bit
Chapter 7 The Benefits Of managing Moods
Chapter 8 Staying Motivated To Manage Moods
Chapter 9 Staying On Track
Chapter 10 Making Resolutions For Managing Moods

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Chapter 1

Introduction The Basics On Moods


Mood is a powerful word. It actually comes from older words that mean spirit, mind, to strive, be energetic, and courage. It is also being referred to as customary behavior or custom. Thus, mood means way more than being happy or being sad. Moods encompass much from what you need in order to live. Spirit, mind, to strive, be energetic, and courage – are all related to moods and your sense of well being.

The Basics

Different Facts About Moods

– Moods are your state of mind – whether you’re happy or lonely, afraid or angry, depressed or overjoyed.
– Emotions and moods are strongly linked specifically to the structure of the center of your brain, where your unconscious activities are being controlled.
– Moods actually have 3 elements – how one feels, what happens in the body, and what mood makes one do.
– Certain experiences and memories are powerfully linked to your mind, the reason why they often triggers your mood automatically.

Moods are considered as emotional state. They differs from emotions in a way that they’re less intense, less specific, and they’re less likely being triggered by particular events or stimulus. Moods also differ from personality traits or temperament which is longer lasting. Nevertheless, such personality traits like neuroticism and optimism predispose certain kinds of moods. Long- term mood disturbances such as bipolar disorder and clinical depression are also considered as mood disorders. Moods are subjective, internal state but they are often being inferred from behaviors and posture.

Your Thought Determined Your Moods

Your moods are being controlled by your thought. This is the reality, you must think, or something should reach your intellectual mind in order to be

understood and processed before you can feel anything. If someone has insulted you in a certain language you don’t understand, in a gentle voice and sweet face, you wouldn’t get upset. But if the words were translated, your mood will swing. This only proves that your thought precedes your emotions, hence your mood.

With an objective self observation, you will know that you don’t actually have full control on your thoughts, and neither on your moods. Spiritual practices are aimed towards controlling your emotions and thoughts, which are being controlled by certain elements. Elements such as jealousy, greed, selfishness, and other elements of human conditions actually control all your thoughts.

The worst element is loneliness. Being along, not just momentarily – the feeling of being along in life is indeed one of the most powerful and worst elements of all. The power of this element is hidden from its very nature, and most people deny its existence. Think of all the things you want or do, see if it ultimately does or doesn’t come down in securing a friend, a companion, or in respect of strangers. As you have lost a connection or touch with your spiritual side, you have come fully relying on human realm.

Your mood becomes independent from you experiences. This disconnecting experience and mood presents various challenges in your daily life. Sense of self confidence and self identity can also be affected. Symptoms like extreme irritability also affect relationships. Hopelessness and sadness may become too overwhelming. The sense of oneself can actually be lost if you don’t know what you need to expect from your mood.

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