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Table of Contents

Money Chakra: The Journey Begins . 1
Chapter 1: The Root Chakra . 7
Chapter 2: The Sacral Chakra . 15
Chapter 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra 21
Chapter 4: The Heart Chakra .. 31
Chapter 5: The Throat Chakra 39
Chapter 6: The Third Eye Chakra 46
Chapter 7: The Crown Chakra 52
You Are Your Own Money Magnet. 59

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But How Is This Related To Money?

As mentioned earlier, each chakra represents a certain part of our bodies as well as consciousness or behavior. A disruption in balance in any one of these chakras will have an impact on either our health or emotional and behavioral states – which will indirectly impact the state of abundance in our lives. This also includes abundance in terms of our finances.

A person’s ability to manifest money in life would be affected significantly, as well as their attitudes towards money. For example, an imbalance in a certain chakra would result in a person’s low self confidence, which is crucial when it comes to making decisions and pursuing opportunities.

This will then end up with the person not being able to earn more money in life to live the kind of life that they want.

Hence, in the coming chapters, we will address the seven major types of chakra and their specific characteristics, as well as the psychological and physiological aspects that it corresponds to. We will also look into how an imbalance in any of these chakras can affect us financially. Later, with regard to each chakra problem, we will also suggest practical steps as well as exercises you can take tore-align your chakras, ensuring that you achieve abundance financially, as well as in all other aspects of your life.

The Root Chakra

This chakra is located at the area between the genitals and anus, which is known as the perineum. It is represented by the color red – owing to the fact that it vibrates at a lower frequency.

The Root Chakra is all about being physically there and having a sense of belonging in any giving situation. It also corresponds to your survival instincts where it gravitates into a point of trust and self-preservation.

If this chakra is active and balanced, you feel grounded, stable and secure. You don’t find it hard to put your trust on people. You will feel present in your current being and feel connected and rooted to your physical body.

However when this chakra is weak and not activated, you may feel inferior in terms of your appearance where this can be your weight, height or body shape. You may also feel that you’re not pretty enough and you do not have direct control of your life. You feel that you’re not good enough and can easily feel unwelcomed when it is not the case. Therefore, you are in a constant battle of fear and tension.

It is also possible for your Root Chakra to be over-active. If this is the case, you are easily agitated by the slightest provocation. You might also be someone who is materialistic and be overcome by greed. This may result into addiction of different sorts.

For instance compulsive gamblers, drug addicts, alcoholics, video-game addicts as well as shopaholics. These are all results of an overly active Root Chakra. When you’ve become comfortable in that state, it is hard for you to revert back and change for the better.

This particular scenario can be observed with teenagers nowadays who are rebellious and are caught up in social ills as a result of wanting to prove their point and identity crisis. This happens when they do not have a sense of self, and are willing to do anything because of peer pressure to feel more worthy of themselves.

Your Money Chakra

Constantly feeling bouts of anxiety, stress or guilt over money? Is it difficult to handle your finances well? Or is it hard to accumulate material wealth?
These issues may very likely be caused by blockages or imbalances in the Root Chakra which usually manifests itself in the form of fear and major insecurities about survival – this ties in closely to financial security, as our basic needs in life are dependent on this aspect.

With an unbalanced root chakra, you will constantly feel insecure when it comes to your finances, even if your income is a sizeable amount. Your survival energy is centered on money, and every bill or expense that comes your way makes you feel behind. You have an unhealthy obsession with money and feel the constant need to keep finding ways to earn more money, and feel stressed when you don’t.

You may also find yourself in a less than ideal career, and face financial problems all the time. You may feel stuck and sluggish, but yet your fear holds you back. You never feel like you are good enough and this affects your drive to achieve what you want in life. These are all signs of an imbalance in the Root Chakra.

With a balanced Root Chakra however, you find yourself more confident in yourself as well as your ability to earn and manage your finances. You organize your finances well; you have enough for what you need and want in life. You are also more unlikely to have an unhealthy preoccupation with money or material things.

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