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The search volume confirms there is a demand for information around the specific keywords. A lot of people want to know about “eye makeup” for example. The related keywords show you the scope of the niche. There are so many different topics that you can create videos about. This is a very good niche for a vlog.

What about your audience? If you want to have a successful vlog then you need to focus on your target audience. This starts by knowing who your target audience is. What are their interests? What are the gender and age demographics? What kind of videos do they like? Where do they come from?

When you know the answers to all of these questions you can fine tune your videos so that they meet all of the requirements of your target audience. It is no use just guessing and creating any kind of video. There is a high probability that you will get it wrong.

Find out what questions your target market are asking. Do they want tutorials on how to use eye makeup to the best effect? Do they want to know what the best makeup products are? Are they looking for the best budget makeup?

Your vlog needs to answer the questions that your target market has. When you are able to do this your vlog will be successful. It’s simple really –– give people what they want and they will come back for more and tell the world about it.

Nobody is going to expect you to create Hollywood style videos but they will expect quality. OK you could get away with recording your vlog videos on your smartphone. The cameras and microphones in today’s smartphones are pretty good, but if you are serious about your vlog, and you must be, then there are better tools available.

Your viewers will expect your video to be clear and sharp. HD video quality is easy to create these days with inexpensive cameras. You don’t need the latest Sony professional camera costing thousands of dollars. To start with you can get a camera that shoots 720p HD for under $100.

If you are going to shoot a lot of outdoor footage then a good solution is the GoPro Hero. This is real quality at a good price. By making an investment in a good camera you will be more committed to your vlog which is a good thing.

Next is audio. A video that has poor audio quality is never well received. Some people will create tutorial videos on their laptops and then use the internal laptop microphone. These are usually really poor quality — so don’t do this. Invest in a good quality microphone to ensure audio is clear.

What about software? Well you will need a video editing suite whatever kind of videos you create. If you are going to provide tutorials (always good) then you will probably want to record your computer desktop.

Let’s start with video editing. It is very unlikely that you will shoot a perfect video the first time around so you will need to cut stuff out and add some refinements to make your videos really look professional.

You can do this for free by using Windows Movie Maker for Windows computers or iMovie for Mac computers. Both of these video editing programs have all that you need to make really professional videos. There are other video editing suites that cost a lot of money but you don’t need these to get started.

For recording your computer desktop then Camtasia is the best choice. It works on Windows and Mac computers and costs around $200. There is a free trial so you can test it out first. If you are on a budget then CamStudio is a free alternative that will do most of the basic things for Windows users. There are free applications for Mac users available too.

Video quality is everything so don’t be afraid to invest a few dollars into your vlog. It will definitely pay you back in the long run. Poor quality videos just don’t cut it and you will not get many channel subscribers which is the opposite of what you want.

OK the first thing to say here is that there is no better platform to use for your vlog than YouTube. At the time of writing this report it is the second most visited website on the planet just behind Google and just ahead of Facebook. Every day YouTube gets around 4 billion views!

The first step to creating your YouTube channel is to decide on a name for your vlog. This will be your brand. Some people use their own name which is fine. But if you don’t want to do that then you need to get creative and think of a memorable name. Then you need to check that nobody else has a channel with this name.

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