Mobile Trend Marketing: Marketing In The Modern Age Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Locating Trends 4
What’s Hot Online Changes At Light Speed 4
Vision And Planning Can Put You On Top 5
Planning Pays Big Dividends 6
One Hour A Day Can Make It Pay 7
Getting Organized From The Get Go 8
Tools You Will Need 9
The FireFox Web Browser: 9
Free Service Account’s and Tools You Will Need 9
A “My GOOGLE” Account: 9
Login Database Tool 10
Use Gmail for all Your Hot Trends Projects E-mail 11
Organizing Your Trends System 11
Browser Set Up 13
Setting Up FireFox 13
SEO for FireFox Add On 13
Google Tool Bar for FireFox Add On 13
Don’t Get Carried Away 13
Now Set Up Your Bookmarks Toolbar 14
Loading Your Hot Trends Tab 18
Hot Trends 19
Insights 19
Checkout Trends 19
Google Sets 19
Google Alerts 19
YAHOO! Buzz 20
YAHOO! Buzz Log/Index 20
Loading Your Blogger Tab 20
Staying Organized 21
Always Be Prepared To Take Advantage 22
It’s More Than Just Record Keeping 23
Chapter 3 – Using Google 25
What Are Hot Trends? 25
The Bandwagon effect 25
Here is How Google Hot Trends Works 27
What Is YAHOO! Buzz 28
Using Both To Make Money 29
Chapter 4 – Research 31
Picking A Hot Trend 31
How HOT is the trend? 31
When or If the Trend has Peaked 31
Can It be Monetized? 32
How long is the hot trend likely to stay hot 32
Researching Hot Trends Attitude 34
How You’ll Make Money with Your Hot Trend Blog 35
Lets Complete Our Research On Jessica 35
Pay Per Click Systems 36 38
Ebay 38
Other Affiliate Programs 39
Blogging A Hot Trend 42
Hot Trend Blog Content 44
Your Blog Post – Entering Your Post 44
Nothing Fancy 46
Setting Up PPC And More 47

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Chapter 1 – Locating Trends

What’s Hot Online Changes At Light Speed

New Internet marketing tools are coming online each and every day. Why should you care? Mainly because these new marketing trends and tools can have a dramatic impact on your online traffic, leads and sales. So much so, your online competitiveness can greatly depend on you finding and using these new marketing tools before everyone else does.

As Internet marketing grows more and more lucrative, it is becoming more competitive each day, so staying on top of what’s happening in the industry has become vital to your online success. More importantly, if you’re a full-time marketer like me, your livelihood will largely depend upon you being able to keep on up with of all the new ways of marketing on the web.

Again profiting from hot trends is only one of the newer ways you can leverage the power of the Internet. And as new ways to make money come online, others go by the wayside. There is no way to tell how long one money making method will last when it may be replaced by another.

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