Bluebook 4 Multiple Incomes Resale Rights Ebook

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Table Of Contents

What is this ebook? 4
Truths about any Business 6
Residual Income = Retirement Income 10
What is Leverage? 12
Multiple Streams of Income 16
So what is Network Marketing? 18
Building Your Network Marketing Community 21
The Problem with Duplication 23
What is Personal Development? 25
Target Your Market 27
Why do you buy? 29
Popular forms of Advertising 33
Another Popular but Dreaded Method 36
Great for Everyone 38
Personal Space Advertising 41
More time than Money 43
Get Your Own Website 46
The Greeting Card Technique 50
The Write Stuff 52
Viral Marketing 55
From your Sponsor 59
Time to get your Branding Rights! 60
Upload your ebook 66
Now What? 68
Appendix 70

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What is this ebook?

If you have been considering a home based business then someone probably sent you this ebook to help you understand how working from home can be of benefit to you. Or maybe you just stumbled across the “Bluebook 4 Multiple Incomes” and are curious what this ebook has to do with earning Multiple Incomes.

Either way you will want to grab something to drink, find a quiet place and read this ebook closely so you can learn the powerful secrets to Network Marketing and making money from home. This ebook will explain how and why Network Marketing and Multiple Income Streams work. You can learn what it takes to grow a successful business. Hopefully you will understand everyone is different. You need to build your own marketing plan to suit you and only you.

This ebook is a guidebook; with things your sponsor wants you to know about an online business before you get started. This guide is here to help you understand what it takes to get started in this industry and what it takes to succeed.

And while this ebook does not go into depth about your sponsor’s companies, it was designed so your sponsor could help you learn about the business itself before you learn about their companies. They are more than willing to explain their companies, compensation plans, and special products their companies provide.

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