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Advice From The Pro’s-3
Thoughts From Mashable-5
Thoughts From eConsultancy-7
Best Practices in iPhone UI Design-9
iPhone App Icon Design: Best Practices-12
Planning Is Important!-14
Building a Better Mobile App-15

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Advice From The Pro’s

“You really need to create with “Results-oriented design” in mind. Thinking about the goal is key, but make sure to think about the medium, too. Whatever platform you are designing an application for, SEO is still a critical factor, and often one that people tend to overlook for mobile. “

“There are over 60,000 apps out there. You have to make yours stand out, and the way to do that is to be sure to stay on top of measurement. Measuring the app is important, but equally as important is measurement of what people are saying about the app.”

Brian Maleszyk

“Keep text and numbers to a minimum, and make the app a physical thing for more enjoyable engagement for the user. Multi-touch ergonomics were a big factor; remember, iPhone users are using fat fingers, not a mouse! Prototyping is IMPORTANT – and fun!”

Ana Callahan

Games are different than other practical apps, but they still need specifics. Rules, rewards, etc. are important in creating focus for a gaming app. Testing and prototyping with other people is really critical – getting other people to play the game and give feedback helps to completely realize all areas of improvement. If developers aren’t having fun, it’s likely the users won’t either.

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