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Introduction -Page 3
What Is A Niche?- Page 4
What Is Niche Research? -Page 5
Niche Research In Detail- Page 6
Conclusion -Page 25

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Niche marketing research has more misinformation surrounding it than just about any topic of marketing on the Internet. I don’t know where some of the myths and theories come from, but they’re NOT based on any real fact. So in addition to giving you a straight forward, plain English explanation of how to do niche research, I’m going to blow away some of the myths.

The writing of this book took years of experience in niche marketing. Things change so quickly online that information that comes out today can be irrelevant in six months. So I am going to try to make this report as generic as possible so that it will apply as easily next year as it does this year. In order to accomplish this, where certain tools and links are mentioned, it will be noted that these are as of this point in time. They may be replaced by something new tomorrow. That’s how fast things change. At least I’m being up front about this.

It is my hopes that after reading this book that you will have a solid foundation for doing niche research so that should you decide to actually tackle a niche online, you’ll be able to do so, confident that you’re going about it the right way.

Also, because everybody is going to be at a different skill level, I am probably going to be going over some things that are already known to you. So please accept my apologies up front, but I don’t want to lose anybody, especially those who know nothing about niche research at all.

So without further ado, let’s get to the subject of doing niche research.

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