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What is MMA?
How Do You Get Started?
Selecting a MMA Training Gym
MMA Training Routines/Drills
MMA Weight Training
MMA Fight Training
MMA Boxing Training
MMA Fitness Training
MMA Training Gear
MMA Training Supplies
MMA Plyometrics
Nutrition and the MMA Fighter
Personal MMA Trainer
MMA Competitions
Should You Go Pro?

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What is MMA?

MMA or mixed martial arts is basically a full contact combat sport which allows a variety of fighting techniques. This sporting event has drawn so many audiences because it allows almost all forms of fighting styles. From the highly popular karate to the crude style of street fighting, mixed martial arts are indeed a very exciting and action packed full contact combat sport.

Unlike boxing, kickboxing and other combat sports, mixed martial arts can be fought while the combatants or competitors are standing on the ground or even when they are on the ground. The rules in mixed martial arts basically allow the use of striking and grappling techniques.

A lot of people are wondering how this type of sporting event was discovered or when it was created. Basically, the earliest documented minimal rules fighting event was in ancient Greece. Called the Pankration, this was even included in the Olympic Games in 648 B.C. Later on, this form of full contact combat sport evolved in to the more violent Roman and Etruscan Pankration, which was held in the Roman Coliseum.

In the 1800s, this no-holds-barred event took place when wrestlers representing different types of fighting styles met in tournaments and music-hall challenges throughout Europe.

Today, you now have the widely popular Ultimate Fighting Championship tournament which is highly syndicated and very popular among a lot of people. MMA is so popular among a lot of people from all over the world. Here, you will find submission artists and knockout artists slugging it out in a free-for-all competition.

In Japan, mixed martial arts tournaments were also held. It was very popular here, which resulted in the creation of Pride Fighting Championship. Also a mixed martial arts tournament, it gained popularity in the country and in some parts of the world.

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