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Tips For Choosing A Topic For Your Membership Site

When it comes to choosing a topic or a niche for your membership website, make sure it’s something you know well, don’t worry about whether it will make money or not, any niche or topic can make money, seriously!

By using the right methods even a small niche can be expanded on made into a profit machine.

You need to think of something that you’re interested in, something that you can see yourself wanting to write about, something that you can see yourself researching content for, creating videos, conducting interviews with people associated with the topic.

Once you’ve decided on your topic, let’s say for example you want to go for something super competitive but something also quite lucrative such as “Making money with online casinos”.

You can create a niche membership site regarding this subject but the thing is, there are already quite a few, what you need to do is think ‘outside the box’ think about something a little bit more segmented, for example you could look into ‘Online casinos accepting Paypal’ this way you are focusing on something quite niche although there is still a demand there for it.

All you need to do then is create a sales page for your membership website explaining that by signing up to the membership site you will help people make more money from online casino’s accepting Paypal, with this being more a niche subject its easier to rank on the search engines for.

Then have a newsletter and a forum also regarding the same subject and make the users pay a monthly subscription for them.

You need to make sure you are choosing the right topic because if you are interested in a certain topic this will mean that you will spend more time writing, researching and marketing the site.

You need to spend time developing things over time, the great thing about a membership site is that it doesn’t need to be ready instantly, all you need to do is a clever bit of marketing, tell the users they need to be signed up for more than 3 or 4 months to start seeing the full unlocked content, even if you don’t have it ready yet. You can build your website over time as the service gets more popular.

If you select a subject that you aren’t really that interested in then it’s harder to make money in as you won’t spend as much time marketing the membership website or trying to improve its content.

Different Types Of Membership Sites Available

There a few different types of membership websites and the good thing is you can actually make profit from each and every single one of them.


There is the blog model, this is where you basically write blog posts on a regular basis and charge monthly for it, you can post content, how-to tutorials, guides even post images, videos, interviews with people in the niche.

When using the blog model on your membership site you can also use make money from affiliate programs and PPC advertising too, you can integrate PPC ads and affiliate program links into your blog content.


A Forum membership where you charge your users for unique access to a member only forum, this can be done in many ways, for example;

1. A forum that is 100% free to join with a premium area for exclusive content to be released in these areas.

2. A forum is 100% free to join with no premium areas but costs to visit links on the website, this works great for websites that share content such as e-books, videos, files such as software, games etc.. This would show all the content and publish it so it could be found in search engines but the users would have to purchase the membership subscription to access the file.

3. A forum which costs monthly to join and there is different packages per different users, for example different levels, gold, silver and bronze, gold being able to post in all areas, post links, images, files, pm and email users, silver having restricted use and bronze having basic use.


The newsletter model is where you charge to send out a daily, weekly, monthly newsletter about a certain subject, you can actually do this for free using or you can use other more commercial ways of setting up a newsletter membership website.


A hybrid membership website is where you use more than 1 membership model at once, for example mixing a forum, blog and a newsletter together, giving you the ability to charge 3 times as much but this will require a lot more work.

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