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Table Of Contents

1.0 Mini E-Books Exposed 6
1.1 What is a Mini E-Book? 7
1.2 What Makes a Mini E-Book a Mini E-Book 7
1.3 The Role of Mini E-Books in Internet Marketing 8
1.4 The Purpose of a Mini E-Book to YOU 9
1.5 Mini E-Books – The Pros 10
1.6 Mini E-Books – The Cons 11
2.0 The Mini E-Book Magic 12
2.1 Why Give Mini E-Books Away for Free? 15
2.2 The Ultimate Goal of a Mini E-Book 15
2.3 Pre-sell Your Products 16
2.4 Sell Other People’s Products as an Affiliate 17
2.5 Build Your List 18
2.6 Bribing Visitors into Subscribing to Your Mailing List 19
2.7 Proving Your Credibility and Expertise 20
3.0 Getting Started with Your Own Mini E-Book 23
3.1 Getting all the Tools You Need to Get Started 24
3.2 Research the Demand for Your Chosen Niche 24
3.3 Selecting Affiliate Programs to Join 25
3.4 Setting Up Your Own Mailing List to Build Leads 26
3.5 Deciding the Font and Layout of Your Mini E-Book 27
4.0 Creating Your Own Mini E-Book in Under 24 Hours 30
4.1 Deciding the Theme of Your Mini E-Book 31
4.2 Writing Your Own Content 31
4.3 Leverage on Experts through Interviews 32
4.4 Engaging Ghostwriters 33
4.5 Saving Time & Effort with Private Label Rights 34
4.6 Using Public Domain Works 35
4.7 Making Use of Articles with Reprint Rights 36
4.8 Co-Creating the E-Book with Another Author 37
4.9 Mini E-Book Creation Tips 38
4.10 Wave of the Future: Going Multimedia for Mini E-Books 39
5.0 Putting the Finishing Touches to Your Mini E-Book 42
5.1 Designing the Mini E-Book’s Cover 43
5.2 Building Your Backend Income Through Affiliate Programs 44
5.3 Squeezing Backend Leads 45
5.4 Conveying Master Resell Rights or Give Away Rights 46
5.5 Offering Re-branding Rights to Your Mini E-Book 47
5.6 Adding Advertisements to Your Mini E-Book 47
5.7 How to Brand Your Mini E-Book to be Unique 48
6.0 Marketing Your Mini E-Book 52
6.1 Giving it Away to Your Subscribers 53
6.2 Contact Membership Site Owners for Contribution 53
6.3 Submit to E-Book Directories 54
6.4 Offer as an Incentive for People to Subscribe to Your List 55
6.5 Contribute to Give Away Events 56
6.6 Use as a Bonus to Another Product You Are Selling 57
6.7 Other Known Mini E-Book Marketing Methods 58
6.8 Using Traffic Exchanges 59
6.9 Paid Newsletter Advertising 60
6.10 Using Your Blogs to Give Your Mini E-Book Away 61
6.11 How to Go Viral with Mini E-Books 62
6.12 Secret: What Makes People Give Your Mini E-Book Willingly 63
7.0 In Closing 66
7.1 Common Mini E-Book Mistakes You Should Avoid 67
7.2 How to Make the Most Out of Giving Away Mini E-Books 67
7.3 Comprehensive List of E-Book Directories 68
7.4 Recommended Resources 70

Sample Content Preview

1.1 What is a Mini E-Book?

People often ask, “what is a mini E-Book” and why is it important in the scheme of my business? To answer the question of “what is a mini E-Book?”: a mini EBook is a 5-25 page executable file or PDF document that discusses a very specific topic. While the mini E-Book has become wildly popular as an Internet marketing tool, it is also used in non-IM niches.

A mini E-Book can be used for a number of different purposes. In general, however, a mini-E-Book is usually used to convey a very specific – and little known – secret about a niche topic, whether it be car waxing or pet care.

What is a mini E-Book and how is it different from a regular E-Book? A mini EBook is smaller than a regular E-Book because it doesn’t aim to be comprehensive. Instead, it concentrates on providing highly-specific, crucial information about a specific technique or idea. Successful publishers will often going beyond a pre-set scope in their mini E-Book.

While smaller than a normal E-Book, it can still be sold through the same avenues. For instance, publishers who start by asking, “what is a mini E-Book?” often end up asking “where can I sell such a product”? It’s simple: they can open a vendor account at, pay the $50 initial product fee, and then begin selling any amount of mini E-Books.

Additionally, a mini E-Book publisher can also give his or her product away completely free of charge in order to generate traffic. This is often employed by skilled Internet marketers, who will coordinate a massive free give away – and then include some back-end component to return readers to their sites.

So what is a mini E-Book and why is it important? It’s a short book or report on a specific topic that either generates revenue or facilitates traffic generation.

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