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Day #1a – An Insiders Look At A SIX Figure Membership Site

Membership sites are becoming hot. They’ve always been hot, but they are getting super hot right now. The reason I have been hesitant in the past to create membership sites is A) I thought it would take a lot of technical knowledge to get one up and running, B) The expense I thought would be a bit costly for flopping and C) Creating content constantly did not appeal to me.

I have, however, found ways around all of these, but today, I want to talk about and how I turned that into a 6 figure membership site in under 60 days and how you can use what I have learnt in your own endeavours.

But before I get into that, let me tell you a little about what I will be covering this course.

Day #1 – Case Study

In this day, I’m going to show you how I turned into a 6 figure membership site in 60 days. While it’s not a conventional monthly membership site, it still is classified as a membership site. I’ve recently had an offer to sell for a low 6 figure sum.

I said no, is not up for sale

I did all of this with no real paid advertising at all and no JV’s or list to begin with. I had never really created IM products before this membership site, except for the odd report on the WSO board when I felt the urge.

So in today’s section I’m going to show you how I got over 1500 members and a $10,000 a month membership site running in a matter of a few months. It will work in any niche as its simple proven marketing tactics. Nothing fancy at all, nothing you cannot replicate. I am in many different niches as we speak. Some are taking off really well, some are a bit slow, but all will flop for 4 and 5 figures respectively.

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