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Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Membership Sites Are Perfect For Passive Income…6
Enter: Recurring, Passive Income….8
What You Will Learn.9
Chapter 1: An Explanation of the Membership Business Model 11
How to Get There …12
Chapter 2: Types of Membership Site .14
Membership Blogs/Content Sites …14
The Evergreen Membership Site….15
Software as a Service ..16
Courses 16
The Community Site…..17
Combos 17
Alternatives to Websites…..18
YouTube Channel….18
Apps …..18
Mailing List…18
Physical Products ….19
Prize Drawer 19
Chapter 3: Examples of Successful Membership Sites…20
Chapter 4: How to Build Your Membership Site…28
The Best Membership Site Plugins 29
More Tools…31
Creating Your Content..32
Chapter 5: Membership Plans, Structures and Pricing …33
Membership Plans and Structures .34
Pricing and Payment Models….36
Removing Risk .37
Chapter 6: What to Offer in Your Membership Site….40
Content and Resources41
Opportunities ….41
Privilege, Priority and Exclusivity….42
Contact .43
Belonging …43
Chapter 7: Increasing the Value of Your Membership Site to Retain
Members Longer44
Things to Add …44
Chapter 8: How to Promote Your Membership Site …47
Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media49
Finding Routes to Market …49
Chapter 9: How to Maintain Your Membership Site …51
Drip Feed….52
Getting Started…53
Chapter 10: Advanced Concepts and Strategies for Membership Sites54
Conclusion and Summary ..57

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Chapter 1: An Explanation of the Membership Business Model

So now you have a good idea of what a membership site is, let’s look a little deeper into the nitty gritty of how all this works.

No doubt you’re probably already familiar with the idea of a blog. Chances are that you have several blogs that you already read regularly and enjoy. Maybe you like reading IGN to get news about games, films and comics. Perhaps you prefer the more highbrow content over at Forbes. Perhaps you love learning about passive income at Smart Passive Income or maybe you have an Android phone and like to stay up to date with news and apps from Android Authority.

Tim Ferriss has an excellent blog about lifestyle design (which is very much relevant to this topic!) and The Art of Manliness and Brain Pickings are great if you want some thoughtful posts that go really in-depth. For fitness, be sure to check out Breaking Muscle or

Whatever your chosen blog is, chances are that you love getting news from it or reading the latest feature/entertainment piece. You probably read it with your morning coffee.

But now imagine that this site stopped being free and you suddenly had to pay in order to access it. That would be a pain but if you really loved the site enough or if you relied on it, then you would probably be willing to part with some cash.

This is precisely how a subscription site works – it gets you hooked and then charges you in order to gain fuller access. In some cases, that means that you can’t read anything until you have membership. In other cases, it means that you can read some stories but need to pay in order to gain unbridled access to the most ‘exclusive’ content.

Either way, the objective is that you have something very desirable behind a pay wall.

How to Get There

So how do we build ourselves to this point? Firstly, you of course need to have a website and this needs to be something that people want to read and that has a desirable value proposition.

You’ll build this up just as you would any other blog. So that means you need to pick your niche, being careful to choose something that is a popular niche but not a completely saturated market.

At the same time, you need to think about the kind of niche that people are willing to spend money on. Put it this way: people will pay $1,000 for a course on how to make money online, how to get better at dating or how to become fit and healthy. But they won’t pay that for a course on sewing… Keep this in mind but also try to be original so that you have a USP and so that you can find markets that haven’t already been swamped with content.

More than ever, it is important here to focus on providing value for your visitors and creating content that people will want to read. So that means not trying to sell anything and not just trying to rank with generic content. It means thinking about the long term by building that trust and that loyalty. That means thinking about what your visitors take from the content and making sure that each time they read anything you publish, they come away feeling inspired or entertained and with lots of good ideas and/or useful information that they can employ.

You have to find new angles and interesting ideas and make sure that your audience are consistently excited to see what comes next. If you can manage that, then you’ll steadily build an audience that relies on your content.

Now you need to promote that blog like you would any other. That means building links, posting to social media and ideally building a mailing list as well. Build that following on the strength of the content and make sure you have a strong brand to push it.

Now you have two options:

1. Suddenly introduce a pay wall so that all your content is off-limits and they have to pay to access it.

2. Gradually create your pay wall and fill it with more and more enticing content – using your other content to promote the paid content. This is the easier (and recommended) of the two methods.

You can also use other things to entice your readers – which might mean offering an ebook, offering a community (in fact this is very important) or even introducing some kind of ‘software as a service’.

Chapter 2: Types of Membership Site

Before you create your site though, let’s rewind a moment and consider what your options are and what types of membership sites are out there for you to try and emulate. You might be surprised to find that there are multiple different types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Membership Blogs/Content Sites

The first option is to create a blog or maybe a news site and to make this into a membership site. The general idea here is that you’re creating lots of fresh content that people will very much want to read.

You’re then charging people for the privilege of gaining access to all your new content as you create it and in that way it will work a little like a magazine subscription or a newspaper subscription.

You can even turn this into an ‘ezine’ which means you’ll update all the content at once about once a month, often in an attractive format, saved as a PDF and with lots of attractive images and additional media.

Sometimes these kinds of membership sites are referred to as ‘content mills’ as you’re constantly churning out more and more content. However, there are ways that you can make this more manageable – for example by hiring someone to create the content for you!

The Evergreen Membership Site

This is basically a site that is filled with tons of content and perhaps other types of media. You might have ebooks, blog posts, podcasts, videos and more – and all of this will together offer value to the reader.

The great thing about this, is that once you’ve reached a certain level, you won’t actually have to update the content any more at all! That is to say that there’s enough benefit to being a member here, enough content to sift through, that you won’t need to keep creating more.

This can essentially be considered the ‘end goal’ for many membership sites, though in some cases you can come straight out of the gate with this type of offer – especially if you have lots of old content from previous businesses.

This is the truest type of ‘passive income’ that there is. That’s because you’re actually not going to have to do any work in order to keep getting new customers and to keep getting recurring revenue from those who have already signed up.

Sure, there may be a little maintenance and yes, you may want to advertise and promote your package more. But for the most part, this is can provide its own momentum and grow in revenue while you do very little!

Software as a Service

While this isn’t traditionally considered a membership site, it is essentially the exact same thing. This basically means that you’ll be offering some kind of service via a web app and sometimes this can straddle the line between content and service.

For example, let’s say that you created a website that provided lots of markets in a particular niche. Maybe this is a website that, for example, found websites that were looking for writers.

If your blog collated these, then this would be a great service to provide for writers and that way you could charge people to use your site. This could easily straddle the line between a ‘service’ and content.

Slightly closer to the service side of things meanwhile might be a site that helped people to learn to meditate through guided meditation (just like the Headspace app) or maybe some kind of set of online calculators.


Another option is to create a set of courses and learning materials that people can subscribe to. This is an excellent option as you are providing a very clear and obvious ‘value proposition’ and you have a very obvious target audience to market your site to. At the same time, people are used to paying for education and in theory this should offer real value in return by helping them to get a certain job or acquire a certain skill.

In order to create a membership site with courses, you will need to fill it with raw materials like videos, textbooks and courses but this can then be fairly ‘evergreen’. It’s also possible to create this kind of content using a mailing list via an autoresponder.

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