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Table of Contents 4
Do People Purchase More from Authority Figures? ….. 5
Headlines Sell 7
Do Obliged People Buy More From You? .. 9
Bundling Your Products Together 11
Adding Scarcity to Your Offers . 13
Who Doesn’t Want to Buy Cool Products? .. 15
What Makes People Buy? 17
Using Social Proof to Create Buyers … 19
Using Reciprocity to Influence Buyers …. 21
The Power of Illusion . 23

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Research does seem to support the theory that people will buy more from someone who is seen as an authority figure. If this is true, then how can you apply this tactic to your own business?

First you need to understand the concept behind this. An authority figure is someone who has gained the trust and respect of others. This is not an overnight occurrence, it takes time to build this type of relationship.

Let’s look at some ways you can set yourself up to be viewed as an authority in your business. The best way to become an authority in any niche or field is to publish a book. Authors are automatically viewed as an authoritive person. With the current boom of self publishing it is really easy to publish your own book.

Another way to gain authority so people will buy from you is to be featured in interviews and articles. Start offering to do interviews with people that are related to your industry. You can then publish the links to these interviews on your blog or in your newsletter.

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